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About Me

nice to meet you!!
I run this blog by the name of Quills and Pages. My main reason for starting this blog is to talk about books. I also read arcs and help authors promote their books. My every review is a treasure trove of insights and reflections.

I'm a passionate Graphic Designer, Illustrator, writer, and content creator dedicated to the world of books and storytelling. My artistic endeavors focus on crafting delightful botanical, bookish, and adorable artwork, drawing inspiration from nature and books. I sell a variety of treasures bookmarks, art prints, stickers, original paintings, and more in my shop (opening soon).

In writing, I primarily engage in nonfiction, but I've recently embarked on a fiction project that has captured my creative attention. The convergence of my art, writing, and love for books will be showcased on my YouTube Channel, launched in 2023. This year I will be focusing on it sharing immersive reading and writing vlogs, along with discussions about my most recent and best reads. I am also active on TikTok and Instagram.


a bit more about me
After graduating with a Master's in Plant Biotechnology in 2017,  I  worked as a Research Associate for quite sometime but later I left the job to focus on my online presence and remote opportunities. I started working as a freelancer from Upwork. But I wanted to focus on my creative work more so here I am building my online presence talking and doing work I love. Sharing my reads on Tiktok started out as a hobby, but now its growing into a fulltime job.

Lots of my illustrated work finds its base in my old drawings and doodles, but I also enjoy painting and drawing digitally. All items in my shop have been photographed and illustrated by me. 

I am currently working as a creative freelancer for several companies and brands, combined with creating bookish content for my socials and making art for my shop. I am also writing my first novel.

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