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Plated Prisoner Series | A series review (Spoiler Alert!!!)


Have you ever stumbled upon a series that not only captures your imagination but also challenges the norms of classic narratives? Recently, I had the privilege of delving into the spellbinding world of the Plated Prisoner series, written by Raven Kennedy. If you haven't yet experienced this literary masterpiece, be prepared for a rollercoaster ride of intrigue, deception, and personal growth. Embark with me on a journey through the twists and turns of these books, where the conventional story of King Midas and his golden touch takes an unexpected and captivating turn.

A Twist on a Classic Tale

The foundation of the Plated Prisoner series rests upon the iconic figure of King Midas and his fabled golden touch. However, Kennedy masterfully introduces a twist; King Midas, rather than possessing the golden touch, is revealed to be a fraud, capitalizing on the real power held by this beautiful character Auren. Auren, with her genuine golden touch, becomes the linchpin of the plot as King Midas manipulates her abilities to falsely present himself as the possessor of the golden touch, consequently ascending to power.

The Journey Begins: "Gild"

The series takes flight with its first installment, titled as Gild. In this book, readers are introduced to the main characters and the intricate web of relationships that entangle them. The initial setting is beautifully simple, allowing the spotlight to shine on Auren's characterization. Despite her jovial facade, Auren is metaphorically caged, trapped in a golden prison built by King Midas. This cage symbolizes her entrapment in an emotionally abusive relationship. The term "saddle" is ingeniously introduced, representing individuals enslaved for the king's exclusive pleasure.

The Intricacies of Manipulation

Auren's seemingly affectionate connection with King Midas is unveiled to be a fa├žade woven by manipulation. The relationship is meticulously crafted to trap Auren physically and emotionally, showcasing a textbook example of an abusive bond. Despite her innocence, Auren becomes a pawn in King Midas' intricate game of power, a pawn that he expertly manipulates. The narrative adeptly explores the complexities of abusive relationships, compelling readers to empathize with Auren's plight.

The Saga Deepens: "Glint"

In the second book, Glint, Auren's horizons expand beyond the confines of her golden cage. She journeys to a new kingdom, giving readers a broader view of the world Kennedy has crafted. This book in the series introduces new characters, including the enigmatic Snos pirates and the notorious General of King Rot. As the plot thickens, lives are lost, saddles are violated, and Auren's resilience is tested through her encounters with pirates and her acquisition by the army of King Rot.

Personal Growth and Revelation : "Glint"

However, it is in the third book, Glint, that the series reaches a crescendo. Auren's character experiences profound growth as she ventures beyond her comfort zone and encounters different perspectives. This journey is a reflection of personal growth, as Auren learns to distinguish between genuine love and manipulation. Her evolution mirrors the struggles many face when navigating a world that can be both cruel and enlightening. Auren's rebellion against her past and her ultimate transformation represents the resilience of the human spirit.

Triumph Over Trauma: "Glow"

In the series' fourth installment, Glow, Auren confronts the traumas of her past. With her powers blossoming, she embraces her identity and takes her first steps toward healing. As she confronts her past, Auren's journey is intertwined with the amazing Rot kingdom. Her relationship with a genuinely loving king forms a stark contrast to the manipulative past, and as secrets of the fae realm unravel, the series takes on an intricate depth.

Conclusion: Auren's Triumph and the Future

In summary, the Plated Prisoner series is a breathtaking exploration of personal growth, manipulation, and triumph over adversity. Raven Kennedy's skillful storytelling and intricate character development make these books a captivating read for anyone seeking an immersive escape into a world of fantasy and self-discovery.

In anticipation of the next book, one can't help but yearn for Auren's rise to queenship, a fitting reward for her journey from vulnerability to strength. The Plated Prisoner series, through its engaging narrative and well-crafted characters, has solidified its place as a must-read, leaving readers eagerly awaiting the next installment.