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A Critical Lens on 'Hunting Adeline' by H.D. Carlton: Exploring the Disturbing Themes | A Review

I kept delaying writing the review because I had to remember it and didn't want to do that. This 2nd book of Cat and Mouse duet is the story of a human trafficking survivor. This book is a huge TRIGGER WARNING. Kindly proceed with caution. I even got traumatized after reading it.

So to explain the synopsis; Adeline (the main character) got kidnapped at the end of the first book and sold to some people who groomed her for some very rich and powerful clients. 

Almost half of the book is based on Adeline surviving the worst situations possible for a woman. Adeline had one advantage someone was fervently searching for her, and eventually, Zade managed to rescue her after four agonizing months. The scene when Zade finds her and she just could not believe it. She crumbled to her knees thinking she was hallucinating.

After Zade brings her home she struggles so hard to process her trauma. She learns to fight to take control of her life. She gets close to her mother. She hates her body now; keeps cleaning it and never feeling clean enough. She hates anyone touching her and Zade struggles with her because he cannot stop wanting to touch her. The situation was screwed up. 

Although we get a happy ending at the end meaning she gets over all of the trauma and takes revenge on the person who was behind the whole debacle of kidnapping her. The same person was also behind all of the young women and children going missing. That person’s depravity is depicted to the fullest extent, showcasing the epitome of evil and vileness in a woman. The narrative, though challenging, ultimately offers a glimmer of hope and justice in the face of darkness.


My Rating: 4 stars | ★★★★
Spice Level:3/5, High | 🌶🌶🌶

I am TRAUMATISED while reading this book which is why I did not want to write the review but I just thought I should voice what I think about this book.

The circumstances and situations they brought upon Adeline were unthinkable. I get to read the scenes where this beautiful lively girl loses all of her sanity and liveliness because of the evilness she faces. I don’t know how the Author wrote those scenes while staying sane. Human trafficking happens in the real world and I found myself deeply deeply affected, grappling with the realization that human trafficking is a grim reality for some women.

Let's talk about that scene. My favorite one from this book. When Zade jumps into the train where Adeline was hiding and both cannot believe their eyes that they are seeing each other in front of them. I literally cried at the scene. Adeline's disbelief and emotional collapse were beautifully and amazingly portrayed, evoking a mixture of heartbreak and joy. 

Following her rescue she was brought home; she refused to leave her room for quite some time but with the help of Zade, Daya and Sybil she started recovering. Those scenes were amazing how Adeline was brought back to her life. Although she cannot be the same untainted person she claims herself but some of her former liveliness comes back to her. 

Also, I should mention Sybil was annoyingly supportive and amazing. She has a more interesting role to play in this book and I loved the insane character. She also has her own book Satan’s Affair which I am going to read soon only because I want to read about where her insanity comes from and where she found her henchmen. This book indicates her past trauma which led her to create imaginative characters as her friends and lovers. 

To conclude; the book was good. I loved the dynamic of Zade and Adeline in this book. Zade was so supportive loving and caring. He made me cry on so many occasions because of how caring he was. I feel for this man as he grappled to assert control while guiding Adeline toward improvement... Men should take notes.

p.s. the book cover is ❤

Happy Reading !!!

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