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Cozy vibes with "The Deal" by Elle Kennedy

“Sometimes people sneak up on you and suddenly you don’t know how you ever lived without them.”

― Elle Kennedy, The Deal

"Elle Kennedy's 'The Deal' captures the essence of unexpected connections in a heartwarming college romance. This delightful tale revolves around the unique arrangement struck between two individuals, Hannah and Garrett, each with their own set of challenges and desires.

So, you will find this in The Deal;

Hannah, an above-average student, secretly has a crush on her classmate but lacks the courage to make her move. On the other hand, Garrett, the cocky captain of the college hockey team, struggles academically (as he is failing his courses). Passing all the courses is essential for him so that he can continue his passion for playing hockey professionally. Also, he is the son of a very famous Hockey player. His father is a total asshole so here comes some daddy issues and some childhood trauma.

Garrett finds out that Hannah is at the top of this course he is failing and he begs her for help. Hannah refuses because she is working overtime and has to keep up with her studies and job because she needs money. Garett even tells her that he will pay her handsomely but she still refuses.

So, Garett thinks that he needs something substantial to make Hannah help him. He keenly observes Hannah and finds out that she hopelessly has a crush on one of the Jock. So he devises a plan and dangles it as bait in front of her. He proposes a deal: he'll assist her in winning over her crush if she helps him excel academically. After careful consideration, Hannah accepts, and thus, their unique partnership begins.

As they navigate college life, Garrett helps in enhancing the social standing of Hannah, Hannah in turn helps him with his studies and helps him manage his anger issues and his daddy issues. All of this closed proximity leads to some action happening and bam!!! Garrett falls in love with Hannah and Hannah also starts harboring feelings for Garett.

And there is some drama because of Garett's trauma. There is a typical music sequence where the girl sings a song in a competition when they were broken up and they get teary-eyed and then after it the girl realizes that she wants him and yes you got the idea. Oh!! and I love the little texting sequences. The humor and texting is the most awesome part

Set against a cozy college campus backdrop, this book offers a comfortable atmosphere, portraying the typical college life. While it may not be considered a literary masterpiece, its writing style is pleasantly warm. It's the perfect choice when you're seeking a light read that doesn't have an overwhelming plot, best enjoyed with a hot cup of tea on a Fall evening. I will totally list it as a fall read and you can also read it when you are in a book hangover phase. I know from experience because I need something cheesy and cute to read after reading something heavy and overwhelming.
    Also, I have read some reviews and found out that some readers found some themes and elements sexist. People are not happy about it. But what can I say I didn't pick any sexist theme in it (maybe because I don't specifically look for such things) I just went with the flow and only enjoyed this cozy read. Fall is here so pick your warm blanket, a hot cup of cocoa, and a cozy couch. Give it a read before deciding for yourself.

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