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Shantel Tessier's Sabotage: Read, Reflect, and React - Share Your Thoughts

Sabotage is the fourth book in The L.O.R.D.S series written by Shantel Tessier. This book is enemies to lovers' dark romance with many trigger warnings. So you need to proceed with caution. Well, you need to proceed with caution with all books of Shantel Tessier. The book focuses on two people Colton and Raylee. Both are step-siblings with intense relationships between them. Both hate each other to the point that they love each other. I don’t know if it makes sense for you but for me it does.

The story starts with Colton leaking a videotape of Raylee he recorded during their opening of the gates of Mordor. Rayle gets so angry that she sets his million-dollar car on fire. Due to the leaked tape and other circumstances of Colton’s making Raylee’s boyfriend Nate breaks up with her and calls her some nasty words. But after some time he tries to get back with her, leading to more Mordor gates opening between Colton and Raylee in front of Nate. Colton and his friends disrespect and degrade him and Nate retaliates by kidnapping Raylee and abusing her. So, this is the crux of it.

Their sibling rivalry. No!!! STEP SIBLING rivalry is on an epic level. They push and pull at each other beyond their limits. The main theme Shantel explored is the relationship and sexual dynamics between Colton and Raylee. Neither of them can find satisfaction with anyone else. Raylee harbors secret desires and kinks known only to Colton, deepening their connection. Moreover, the unspoken love between them remains palpable, though they either deny it or refuse to acknowledge it, leading to a love-hate relationship that intensifies their passion.

My Review

The book was good. The spice was too much to handle. The plot was engaging but I thought it could have been more. Shantel could have added some dark twists in there. But she is the writer she knows better. The dynamics of Colton and Raylee were amazing I loved it. Like Colton knows every little thing about her, how to push her buttons and how to elicit all kinds of emotions from her. On the other hand, Raylee was no slouch either, but Colton excelled in concealing his own feelings, granting him a slight advantage in their intricate dance of emotions

My Rating: 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️4 stars.
Spice Level: 🌶🌶🌶🌶🌶 5/5, Very High.

Shantel's treatment of Mike was undeniably harsh. Towards the story's conclusion, the narrative seemed to cast Mike in a negative light, which I found rather disheartening. Having Raylee be the one to end his life didn't do justice to the plot. Personally, I found this ending far from satisfying. After all, it was Nate, not Mike, who had inflicted pain upon Raylee, and he had already met his end.

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