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Savor the Sweetness and Spice: A Court of Sugar and Spice Review

I've just finished listening to "A Court of Sugar and Spice" by Rebecca F. Kenney, narrated by Jessica Jeffries. This is the first book in the Wicked Darling Series. Let's delve into the story a bit. It's a captivating retelling of the Nutcracker Fairytale, featuring two sisters on a journey to their godfather's home. In his will, their father stipulated that they would inherit their share of the estate once they married suitable partners, so they were entrusted to their godfather, who oversees this condition.

One of the sisters is Clara, an artistic soul who loves to paint, a passion her father did not approve of. The other one is Louisa, the daring and adventurous one who always seeks excitement wherever she goes. Upon their arrival at Drosselmeyer's mansion (their godfather), they discover that he is a brilliant scientist or inventor of some sort, with robot-like servants and a room filled with extraordinary and strange inventions. Drosselmeyer sternly warns them against going to the third floor, deeming it off-limits. However, Louisa's curiosity gets the better of her, and she decides to explore it.

Clara and Loiusa

On the forbidden third floor, Louisa stumbles upon a grand dollhouse filled with wooden dolls and a nutcracker. In a series of unfortunate accidents, she breaks the arm of one of the dolls and inadvertently injures her finger with a paper cutter, causing blood to drip onto the nutcracker. To her amazement, the nutcracker comes to life and reveals himself as a Prince (soon to be King) of the Faerie Realm. Though skeptical at first, Louisa shares this encounter with her sister, and they both meet the nutcracker prince, who asks them to help him break the curse and free him. According to him, his realm is in danger as the Rat King will be ruling now in his absence.

The Nutcracker Prince

It turns out that Drosselmeyer is, in fact, a Fae hunter who has captured and transformed the faeries into wooden dolls, keeping them in captivity. The nutcracker prince implores the sisters to assist him in locating a portal to the Faerie realm, where they can free the imprisoned faeries. In a nutshell, they locate the portal and venture into the mystical Faerie Realm, where they encounter a beautiful sugarplum faerie who is the cousin of the Prince. Their collective journey leads them toward a magical pool, where they hope to undo the curse and save the Faerie prince. On the way, they encounter much anger including kidnapping by the rat king and fighting with rat soldiers. So, this is the crux of it.

Sugarplum Fairy (Finneas)

My Review (Spoilers Ahead)

My Rating: ★★★★
5 stars.
Spice Level: 🌶🌶🌶🌶
4/5, Hot.

So here are my two cents on the story. I never read or heard of the Nutcracker fairytale but I found this book and loved the cover and I started listening to the audiobook. In case you are wondering I found the audiobook on Audiobooks (website). I love the story instantly. Why? Let me tell you. two sisters going to a big mansion with secret doors and fairy-drawing tapestries...what's not to love. both sisters find the door to the Faerie realm and go there and it is another world; beautiful; ethereal. Although there are some trigger warnings you need to read carefully before starting the book. 

This is the first book I read of this author and I am going to read the other books too. The thing is it doesn't have an over-complicated plot. The book focuses on the characters, their development, and their story more than the plot. You should read it this year's holiday season with a hot cup of cocoa. It will be a treat for you.

Let's talk about the spice level. I personally do not like a lot of spice because it mostly crosses the boundary of gross and stupid. I prefer it light that goes seamlessly with the storyline. The spice in this book is not light I am telling you. Read at your own risk. Young adults!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS BOOK. It's not for you. The spice level is appropriate for adults only. 

P.S. The book cover is to die for. I started this book because of the cover and it did not disappoint me. 

Happy Reading!!!