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Sip or Skip? Twisted Love by Ana Huang | A Review

After watching insane amounts of videos on TikTok, I purchased Twisted Love written by Ana Huang, and dived into it.

The plot revolves around Ava, a Chinese-American college student, and Alex Volkov, a businessman. The tale kicks off when Ava's brother embarks on an internship and entrusts Alex with the responsibility of looking after his sister. In pursuit of this duty, Alex relocates to the brother's apartment, initiating a friendship with Ava. As he provides support and aids her in overcoming her water-related trauma, a deeper connection forms between them. Both characters harbor traumatic pasts – Ava, scarred by her mother's attempt to drown her, and Alex, haunted by witnessing his parents' cold-blooded murder at the hands of business rivals. Alex spends his life preparing for revenge against the family responsible for his parents' death.

My Review 

My Rating: ★★★
4 stars.
Spice Level: 🌶

To begin with, blame must be placed on BookTok for luring me into this series. The initial chapters were lighthearted and amusing, filled with cute moments that I thoroughly enjoyed. However, overall, the book felt somewhat lackluster, leaning heavily on typical romance tropes without offering much else.

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The narrative took an unexpected turn towards the end, leaving me exclaiming, "What just happened?" The twists injected a fresh perspective and elevated the entire experience for me. The writing was skillful, ensuring a seamless storytelling experience. While the book may not have made my heart flutter or head spin, especially as someone not particularly fond of contemporary romance, it proved to be an okay read.

On a positive day, I would give this book three stars.