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The Most Disappointed Read of the Year 2023 | Until I Get You by Claire Contreras

I picked this book only for one reason. The author claimed to write this book because she wanted to read something like this so she wrote it. I thought it could be fun.....Let's read it. Bro I was so wrong!!!!

Let's discuss it in the book has two parts. One part is in past and the other is "present part". It revolves around a famous hockey player of a college (I don't remember the college name) who is stuck at  party and waiting for his friends and then sees a girl who is wearing very baggy clothes to hide her shape. He is instantly attracted towards her. They talked a little and he decided to just get close to her. The girl is very mysterious doesn't have many friends, very private, doesn't go to parties and doesn't have fun etc, etc. Meaning she is totally opposite to the Hero. 

First Part:
This part revolves around these two people who are nothing like each other and they become friends and then start dating and then the girl leaves the boyfriend because she is hiding a deadly secret and she wants to save the boyfriend.
2nds part:
This part revolves around the boy chasing after the girl who left him to go. He doesn't know where she has disappeared to. The girl went to another state, changes her name, and started a new life. She is studying medical and coaching in a school. There she has also bewitched everyone. Everyone wants to be with her or date her or whatever. So the guy finally reaches where she is living and vows to take revenge but then offers to marry her and thus they get married. 
Lol!! I know.

My Rating

Overall:  | 1 Star
Plot:  | 2 Star
Characters:  | 1 Star
Writing:  | 2 Star
Ending:  | 1 Star
Fun:  | 1 Star
Spice Level: 🌶 | 1/5(bland spice)

My Review

Okay so hear me. I have read reviews of this book and many people like it but I have so many problems with this book. Okay so the first part is kind of interesting but the details about the girl were annoying as hell. She was every guy's wet dream in school then the accident happened and now she wears baggy clothes. Wearing baggy clothes is the most comfortable and awesome thing how the hell does this tell anything about a person's personality, especially a girl.

Her two friends keep referencing to her that she has been through a lot like what the hell is a lot. What happened to her. It got revealed in bits and pieces which got me interested enough to keep reading the book; the accident that killed her mom; the accident that killed her boyfriend sort of friend. There was something going on with her team coach which was just absurd and stupid. (I am not spoiling read it yourself).

I still kept reading to the end and this book bored me to tears. Nothing absolutely nothing was happening. While reading the second half I was somewhat happy that maybe I would get to read some hate and angsty romance but........NO!!!. The guy comes kisses her angrily and offers her a marriage proposal and he just forgets about the revenge and life goes on. I am sorry this book disappointed me to no end. The concept was amazingly awesome the writer could have done so much with the plot to make it more interesting, more dark, more sinister. But all this is wishful thinking.  You won't believe how hard it was to finish this book so that I can write the review. I started reading with high hopes and now I just don't know what to do with myself.