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Demigods of Pendilor: The Lost Soul by Lawrence E. Jayaraj | Book 1 Review

Sometime ago Lawrence E. Jayaraj was kind enough to give me a copy of Demigods of Pendilor for an honest review. I started reading it late because of some commitments but finally, I started reading it and could not put it down. The plot and story were so addictive. I love a story with a simple good and evil arc...It transports me back to childhood when my grandmother used to enchant me with tales of kings, queens, and princesses, complete with formidable beasts and magical fairies.
Let's delve into the synopsis of this book. Assyri and Bolara, siblings with starkly different personalities, find themselves entangled in a tale of power and treachery. Assyri, a benevolent queen, governs the kingdom with kindness, caring for her subjects. Her two children inherit her virtues and display humility and compassion.
In contrast, Bolara, fueled by ruthlessness, is accompanied by his formidable wife, a powerful witch. Their offspring mirror their parents' cruelty, fostering a hostile family dynamic. Amidst this familial discord, a bitter rivalry unfolds. Bolara and his wife harbor jealousy towards Assyri, harboring ambitions to seize the throne.
Employing cunning schemes, Bolara and his wife successfully overthrow Assyri, plunging her and her children into a precarious situation. Forced to flee Pendilor, Assyri, and her offspring must now navigate a challenging journey to survive and acquire the strength needed to reclaim their kingdom. The overarching goal is to return, undo Bolara's misdeeds, and restore justice to the realm.


High Fantasy

My Rating

Overall: ★★★★ | 4 Stars

Plot: ★★★★ | 4 Stars

Characters: ★★★★ |4 Stars

Writing: ★★★★ | 4 Stars

Ending: ★★★★ | 4 Stars

Fun: ★★★★ | 4 Stars

My Review

In the start, the story did not pick my interest. But I know every fantasy book is like that. You don't know what is happening until you complete the first half. After first half was amazing when Arteo and her sister are now working toward claiming their home back. So, to be concise this book is awesome if you are into high fantasy.

The Best part:

I love the plot line where Arteo is lost and.....I cannot spoil it for you but this is just amazing, I was absolutely invested in his storyline. It reminds me of the story of Roop and Basant. If you are from the subcontinent you will know exactly what I am talking about. This story is like a Fable here.

Best Character

Assyri, Arteo, Preeya

Worst Character

Bolara and co.(his whole family is the worst), General Thamios

Do I Recommend it?


If you are a high fantasy lover!!