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Tragic Bonds (The Bonds that Tie 5) | A glimpse into the pages of this fifth book in the series

Tragic Bonds is the 5th installment in The Bonds that tie series. This book continues from where the last one ended. Its GoodReads description is here: 
Nothing will ever be the same again.
Our Bonded Group has been torn apart, and the monsters are now the prey.
But we’re not going to just wait around for our enemy to strike; the blood on his hands is unforgivable, and the god living inside of me wants her revenge paid in blood.
And a thousand souls.
We have been pushed to the limit, tested in ways that have devastating outcomes, and paid the ultimate price. Can we recover from such losses? Is the promise of a world without our enemy worth the sacrifices we’ve made?
Can we prove to everyone, and ourselves, that together our bonds are unbroken.
Fantasy, RH

My Rating
Overall: ★★★★ | 4 Stars
Plot: ★★★★ | 4 Stars
Characters: ★★★★| 4 Stars
Ending: ★★★★ | 4 Stars
Fun: ★★★★ | 4 Stars
Spice Level: πŸŒΆπŸŒΆπŸŒΆ | 3/5 

My Review
So, as the name suggests this book tells us the story of Nox Draven why he is all broody and dark all the time and why he avoids Oleander. without spoiling I will say that many questions were answered in this book. as we are moving towards the end of the series many mysteries are becoming clear, other bonds are merging, the whole unmatch bonds fiasco is revealing itself....and....finally we get to read about the bonded time between Nox and Oli. Now they are best friends....or partners in crime sort of....they know each other's deepest darkest of secrets...

The Best Part:
Nox and Oli's bonding. They are so cute with each other.

The Worst Part:
Repetition...same scenario....all the character playing the same part over and over again which gets kind of boring.

Best Character
North, Gryphon, Sometimes Nox

Worst Character
No one πŸ˜‹