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Dirty Blood Series Book 1 of Bite the woman that feeds written by Penelope Barsetti | A Book Review

This is the review of Bite the woman that feeds written by Penelope Barsetti. I got the audiobook of second and third book  from Netgalley.  I was also hearing a lot of good things about this book on Tiktok. Some of my fellow booktokers recommended it. This book is a Vampire fantasy paranormal Romance so yeah I had to read it. Vampire Romance is 💓. So I decided to read the first one. Here is the brief synopsis of the book; 

In a kingdom ravaged by an incurable sickness, Larissa stand immune, tending to the sick and dying. Betrayed by the newly crowned king, who reneges on their betrothal due to his station's demands, she faces a new horror as the vampire King, Kingsnake, who demands my sacrifice in exchange for sparing our people. Despite my loathing for him, she become his captive, only to discover a startling shift in his demeanor when he tastes her blood—his desire for her overwhelms even her past love. Though she resist the notion of intimacy with a vampire, Kingsnake proves to be no ordinary creature of the night.

Pretty interesting right....let's get to the review.

Vampire Fantasy Romance
Dark and Mysterious
Easy to Read
Well written characters
☙ Vampire MMC
☙ Human Vampire Romance
☙ Enemies to Lovers
☙ Hate to Love
☙ FMC is special (as she is immune to the widespread plague)
☙ Vampire Originals Family
☙ Powerful Creatures
The book was easy to read and understand. Not like the Fantasy books that just make your mind mush where you don't understand what is happening. The story starts out good and somewhat mysterious. Larissa is a maid in the castle and as the synopsis says she was involved with the Prince who was second in line to the throne but the the sickness came and King and the crown prince died leaving the younger prince to become King. So he does exactly that in the process he leaves Larissa and marries another girl (from noble family I guess). Larissa is heartbroken and she quietly does her job by tending to the sick until Kingsnake comes to their border to demand for healthy humans in exchange for sparing their lives. And the king gives them the healthy humans.

Larissa somehow escape from their but Kingsnake catches upto her. That was interesting events. Larissa being a weak human trying to run and Kingsnake on her heels thinking what a pain in the ass this girl is. In the process she fight with wolves and orcs and give Kingsnake quite  a hell.

Then after he captures her they go to castle and it was another one of delightful set of scenes. Kingsnake trying to be gentle with her and she becoming a firecracker says hurting him with words. Another fun fact: Kingsnake has a snake (I don't remember what breed it was I think it was Python). The snake is called Fang and he has a personality of it's own. He communicates with Kingsnake alone, he is sarcastic and adorable. Larissa befriended him and  their friendship is the highlight of this book. I love them both how they interacted and played cards and in the process Kingsnake became jealous.

Anyway the book was well written and good without any plot holes. There is something else that I find interesting; it is mentioned in the book that Larissa has some special blood she is something else. So I can't wait to find out what exactly she is and what are her powers.
As a whole the book was short and light, If you are looking for something to read quickly, a book that is focused on characters and not focusing on world building  you should go for this.

Overall: ★★★★|4 Stars
Plot: ★★★★ | 4 Stars
Characters: ★★★★| 4 Stars
Ending: ★★★★| 4 Stars
Fun: ★★| 2 Stars
Book Cover:★★
 | 4 Star
☙ Larissa and Fang's Friendship
☙ Nothing I can think of
☙ Fang
☙ The Human King