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Self Destructive Habits you should avoid if you want to live a happy healthy life

Staying happy is an art in itself. We encounter many people in our lives who are not ever happy and who don't know how to be happy. and then there is another set of people who are happy even though their life keeps knocking them down consistently. I have a lot of such people in my life who are happy in every kind of situation.

Happiness comes to those who know how to appreciate what they have, not those who just never acknowledge what they have. If you want to stay and be happy you should avoid these stupid and unhealthy habits that I learned over the years from experience and people close to me.

1. Stop Complaining..

It's okay to complain once in a while when you are fed up with your life but people who just complain over everything even the good things should check themselves. Try to think positive...try to think good in any situation and circumstances..try to appreciate the good around you..try to celebrate what you have rather than complaining about what you don't have.

2. Criticize yourself but notch it down a bit..

It's good if you are self-critical because this habit helps you in improving but when you are too critical of yourself you lose yourself in the criticism and you forget the good parts of you. Over-criticising yourself only brings anxiety and it won't help you improve in the long run...try to acknowledge your mistakes and shortcomings and learn from them but do not put pressure on yourself..we are all humans and we are not made to sustain a lot of pressure. try to focus on the best parts of yourself and things you are good at, try to focus on things you could do in a good way rather than the things that are not happening in a certain way you are expecting.

3. Stop waiting for others to make you happy...

Nobody can make you happy. Yes, some people will come into your life that will click with you instantly, comfort you, and increase your happiness but they won't make you happy if you are not happy yourself. You are responsible for your own happiness...take yourself as a treasure, appreciate the good parts of yourself, start doing something you love to do, read and listen to the good stuff, and stop comparing yourself to others... everyone has their own timeline. You are not doing justice to yourself if you keep comparing yourself to others. Enjoy your own timeline..enjoy and cherish yourself.

4. Forgive yourself and Forgive others..

Forgiveness is an underrated trait. People do not think this could improve their lives. They hold grudges all their lives forgetting that this can stunt their emotional growth. It's okay if someone hurt you learn from it and move on. Don't forget your mistakes but forgive them and learn not to repeat those mistakes..Let go of your anger and try to do things that will give you mental peace.....Stop living in the past and focus on the bright future.

5. Kick out unhappy people from your lives.

I know it seems harsh but you should focus on your mental health more. Try to eliminate any person who brings misery with them. It's okay to feel sad sometimes as a human it's a given. Take your time be sad but do get out of that sad slump. Go back to focusing on the future and what you can accomplish because this will give you motivation to stop being sad and eventually your brain will focus on the things you want to do for the future. Choose good honest and happy people to talk to and surround yourself with who will motivate you to be the best version of yourselves.

P.S. These are some of the habits I tried myself and brought a lot of improvement in my personality. I was young and I made a lot of mistakes in terms of choosing the wrong people for friendships and to rely on. But then I got to know some amazing people I found out what a good persona and a good vibe can do to your personality. I always tell people to surround themselves with amazing people and never ever take them for granted.

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