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Hidden Love is the Best Cozy Romance C-drama I watched in 2024 | A Review

Hidden Love Cdrama

I recently finished watching this series called as Hidden Love....wait I am still not finished...i am still watching it on repeat again and again. I am obsessed and I can't stop watching and I need help!!!!!....

Every once in a while I watch something and it change my brain chemistry a little. Last drama I watched was Alchemy of Souls and Now this.....My heart is getting weak these days or these dramas are getting better and better in touching the heart strings. I cannot tell. And I am saying this in a good way and I am saying this only for K and C and Turkish dramas.....These three industries portray emotions and feelings so beautifully that I can't help but get obsessed. Anyway, let's talk about Hidden Love.

Cute Romance

Cozy, Beautiful

Swoon worthy Characters

☙ Romance
☙ Slow Burn
☙ MC has a difficult Past
☙ FC is a ray of sunshine
☙ Age gap
☙ Crush to Love
☙ She fell first, He fell hard

The Drama came out in 2023. It is based on a beautiful story of Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu. The story starts with Zhi developing a crush on her brother's best friend when he helps her with a problem. At that time she wished why can't he be her brother and later this feeling grow into more.

They meet again after 2 years when her brother transfers back to the hometown campus and Jia Xu and other friends come with him. Jia Xu has a difficult past and he is trying to pay for debts and doing multiple jobs. When Zhi finds out about it she start making wishes that she will help him. He also start tutoring her because she was weak in Physics. After that Jia Xu leaves for his hometown and start a job there and another 2 years passed.

So now Zhi in Yihe University and she accidentally met with Jia X and they start meeting. Jia Xu gets ill and she helps him and then another incident happen with other girl which led Jia Xu to really see her and notice her as someone he can like and not as a sister. They start dating after that and rest is history.

The main things I loved in the series in Zhi's character like she was young but she understood their situation and didn't show her love or crush for him in any way. And Jia Xu's character was such a he is so considerate, patient, wit amazing temper and some high qualities. I mean I want to find that kind of man.

Their love story is not very complicated, nor their was any big bad villain. This story simply showed how they dated on top of managing their jobs and busy schedule. It was simply beautiful. Also Zhi's dynamic with her brother is top notch. That is how siblings are. I have two brothers and totally relate to this and I simply loved their scenes.

Only thing heartbroken about this story is that it's not real 😞. The story is based on Book written by Author Zhu Yi (book name is Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide It) and I found out recently that it was her real story but she didn't end up with that guy so she wrote a book and gave herself happy ending. This.........this broke my heart.

To conclude; this series is sickeningly sweet and beautiful that it's making my heart hurt. It's also the best kind of slow burn romance. I mean this is just a beautiful beautiful story. I don't have any words for how it affected me and moved me. A lot of people can relate to this because we all have crushes when we were young and  daydreamed about it. The relationship Zhi and Jia Xu has is simply beautiful; full of respect, love, caring without any ounce of toxicity. This love and these two characters are the greenest of the green flag. Sang Zhi is one hell of a lucky soul. Loving parents, amazing bickering brother and finally she got the man she loved since forever.

Overall: ★★★★
 | 5 Stars
Plot: ★★★★ | 5 Stars
Characters: ★★★★ | 5 Stars
Ending: ★★★| 5 Stars
Fun: ★★| 5 Stars
Music: ★★| 5 Stars
Actors:★★| 5 Stars 

☙ Sang Zhi and Sang Yan bickering
☙ Jia Xu trying to woo Zhi
☙ Jia Xu flirting with Zhi after finding out she likes him
☙ Jia Xu and Sang Yan ❤

☙ only that it ended