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Booktok made me Read Haunting Adeline | A Review

Spoilers ahead!! (Proceed at your own risk)

Haunting Adeline book is written by H.D Carlton. The story starts as Adeline relocates to her Nana's enchanting house located in Seattle. The author paints a beautiful picture of the stunning old Victorian residence perched on a cliff, surrounded by lush forests on one side. The mysteriously amazing atmosphere instantly captivated me, as I have a deep fondness for haunting manors in the backdrops of the storyline. This sets the stage for a promising journey right from the very first chapter.

So Adeline meet with her best friend, Daya, who playfully encourages her to let loose and have some fun. Daya, leads a dream life as a top-class hacker, associated with a vigilante organization. While she keeps certain aspects of her work a secret from Adeline due to their classified nature, she remains a pillar of support and assistance in every way possible. When they're together, they exude a delightful silliness that reminds me of the bond I share with my own best friend.

In a playful attempt, Daya tries to set Adeline up with a guy named Greyson, who ends up being quite insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Their encounter takes a hilarious turn as Adeline accompanies Greyson back to her place. However, their lighthearted moment is disrupted when the stalker unexpectedly appears, attempting to frighten them. A series of events unfold, leading Adeline to kick Greyson out of the house.

As the story progresses further, Adeline finds a collection of her great-grandmother's old journals in a safe behind an old frame, which sparks her curiosity. She as an author cannot resist the temptation to immerse herself in their pages and found some disturbing facts about her great-grandmother.

So about the stalker situation; Adeline tries to handle the situation by reporting the stalker to the police and confiding in her best friend, but every strategy seems to fail miserably. Feeling exasperated and fed up, she eventually reaches a breaking point and decides to confront the stalker head-on. The story takes an amusing turn as we get a glimpse into Adeline's inner monologue, filled with humor and wit. Her candid and hilarious inner musings had me laughing uncontrollably.

Along the way. Adeline and the stalker find themselves engaging in funny texting sessions. Further ahead in the story, there were exceptionally well-written and sizzling-hot scenes. The author skillfully crafts these passionate moments without any cringe, delivering sheer sensuality.  I fell in love with Adeline's Stalker (LOL!!!). I won't be revealing his name here.

The book also gives us a glimpse into the life of the stalker, revealing his secretive occupation within a top-secret organization (which he runs by the way). His role involves rescuing girls and children from being victimized by powerful elites, who engage in disturbing practices like child sacrifice and human trafficking. This narrative touches upon some dark themes, drawing parallels with the conspiracy theories surrounding the Illuminati and their sinister activities. These shadowy territories do add a sense of mystery and tension to the plot. (It kept me on the edge tbh!!!)

Amidst the main plot, there is a compelling subplot, the tale of Gigi; Adeline's great-grandmother who was murdered gruesomely in the Parsons manor. (Oh!! who doesn't love a haunting house with gruesome murders of ancient family members). So , Gigi has a tragic ending and the case remained unsolved for 75 years. As Adeline explores her home, she stumbles upon some significant clues that drive her to solve the long-standing mystery. Remarkably, she discovers that her own life mirrors her great-grandmother's in an eerie way, as both of them had experienced the haunting presence of a stalker. The convergence of these two compelling storylines sets the stage for a suspenseful journey.

In short, I absolutely adored this book! Despite being someone who typically takes their time with reads, I devoured it in just one day. The gripping storyline compelled me to find out what would happen next, keeping me on the edge of my seat. I particularly enjoyed the thrilling and investigative aspects of the plot, and the way everything unfolded, answering all the questions by the end. The book masterfully avoided any plot holes or cringeworthy twists, offering a straightforward yet enthralling thrill that left me thoroughly satisfied

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