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Vorodin's Lair | The Warminster Series 2 - A Review

Vorodin's Lair, the second installment in JV Hilliard's Warminster Series, picks up immediately after the events of the first novel, "The Last Keeper." I won't be going into details and risk of spoiling the story for you guys before you read it. But to sum it up the plot of the book encompasses various intertwining storylines. 

One thing of significance is that in "The Last Keeper" here was excessive number of characters serving as point-of-view narrators. However, "Vorodin's Lair" reduces the overall number of narrators. Personally, I prefer to read the point of view of all the characters playing in the book but the reduction in narrators is also a good strategy because it helps focus the story by emphasizing the most significant plotlines.

One notable development in "Vorodin's Lair" is the increased presence of scenes featuring the Followers of Erud, the Ancient/God-like being followed by Daemus. The chapters set in the Cathedral of the Watchful Eye were amazing due to the escalating tension as Greytorris' followers plotted his resurgence and sought control of the Cathedral.

Contrary to the first book, "Vorodin's Lair" surprisingly features fewer battles and physical conflicts. With the exception of occasional moments, all the action is concentrated towards the climax of the story. The novel finishes strongly when Daemus' group finally encounters the individuals who had been pursuing them, compelling the characters to defend themselves swiftly.

While "The Last Keeper" introduced readers to the world of Warminster, "Vorodin's Lair" primarily establishes events that will unfold in the forthcoming third book. Consequently, numerous plot threads are left unresolved. Although I would have appreciated more resolutions in this second installment, I understand Hilliard's desire to keep possibilities open for future volumes. Nonetheless, readers will still find plenty of enjoyable moments in "Vorodin's Lair," which continues the engaging style of its predecessor.

As a big fan of magical fantasy action adventure, I will say this book is amazing. I cannot wait for the third book to come out. I will recommend this book to all those who love a magical action adventure.

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