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A dark romance "Scarred" by Emily McIntire is not that dark Afterall

So Last weekend I finished this book from the Never After series "Scarred" by Emily Mclntaire. So when I was searching for a book to read I found this on the Goodreads intro of the book:
Scarred is a DARK Royal Romance and a complete standalone within The Never After Series (A series of fractured fairy tales inspired by our favorite villains). It is not a retelling or fantasy. It contains subject matter which may be triggering for some. Reader discretion is advised.

I choose this book solely because it says it is a dark romance and also because of the cover (just look at the cover, it's breathtaking). I also found so many 5-star ratings so I thought why not give it a go.
So here are my thoughts after reading Scarred

Spoiler Ahead: 

It was not that dark after all. 
The book was inspired by the lion king. The king's family is called the Faasa and there is a Scarred prince.

The book was pretty much bland without any darkness or stuff. Maybe for some readers, it does feel dark but to me, it's not. 

The story starts with a girl whose father was a duke and was murdered by the king so her family trains her to take revenge on the King's family. The king is dead in the present time and his Son Michael Faasa is the king now. So she is brought to marry the king and kill the king. Her Uncle and cousin are involved in setting up the whole murder plot.

She was instructed to woo the king and stay away from the Scarred Prince who is the younger brother of the king and his face is scarred because of a past incident with his older brother. He and his older brother had nasty history. Michael Faasa use to torture his younger brother when they were kids. Everyone in the court avoided him. he is also an excellent painter or artist or whatever you can call him. He also draws tattoos. In short, he is talented.

So our girl (I forgot to mention her name, her name is Sarah) is kind of attracted towards him and kind of observes him and this scenario goes on for like the whole book. He also gets a liking towards her and gets possessive and saves her from some situations and then he becomes obsessed with her.

There is also the character of a rebel king who is hell-bent on overthrowing the current king and the twist is that the scarred prince is the rebel king. So, at the end of the book, there were some steamy scenes which are not very steamy. I found them very much inadequate and they kinda grossed me out. Okay let me tell you I love steamy scenes if they are written correctly but in this book, I did not find those scenes good. So long story short after the scenes Sara finds out about the identity of the rebel king and she confronts him In the process, the scarred prince convinces her to work for their cause. That's it 😂

Michael the king finds out about both of them in the end and there were some retaliation but Team Sara wins in the end.

I don't say that the book is not readable. on the whole, it is well written but I feel it could have been much much better, the writer only needed more imagination. But who am I to say such things I guess the writer knows better. I am just writing what I felt while reading it. I gave it 3 stars. 

If you are into light reading books with boring plots and no twists and tensions. Go for it. This is not on any part a negative review just an honest one.

P.S. I totally love the cover of the book. I mostly choose books because of the cover and get disappointed afterward not all the time of course but sometimes.