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Savage Bonds (The Bonds that Tie 2) | A glimpse into the pages of your next RH read

I've completed "Savage Bonds," which is the second book in the "Bonds that Tie" series. This book continues the storyline seamlessly. One of the standout aspects of this book is its remarkable cover. Featuring Gryphon, the cover art is truly impressive, earning the book a solid 4-star rating solely for its visual appeal.

In this second book, the intricacies of the bonded world become more transparent. Oli's connection with her bonds is gradually becoming clearer, though she still carries the burden of believing she's leading them towards their demise. At times, she even vocalizes these fears to some of her bonds, with Gryphon showing understanding and a commitment to uncovering her hidden secrets. Throughout the story, the author skillfully hints at Oleander harboring a significant secret, possibly related to the Resistance—a rebellious group opposing the bonded community.

Oleander Fallows

Gabe and Atlas have evolved into close friends of Oli, and in this book, she begins to let her guard down. Her training progresses, and her overall well-being improves due to her proximity to her bonds. However, there are instances when her bond behaves erratically due to jealousy and some other reasons, leading all of them to find a unique solution: Oli sleeps with one person (literal sleep) at a time to calm her bond and prevent it from harming others.

The powers of Nox and North become more defined in this book, involving shadowy forms resembling both cute and ferocious dogs, as well as darkness manipulation that can kill the brains of people with a mere touch. Oleander's powers become more apparent as it was mentioned two times that she is a soul Render capable of snuffing out souls of people without physical contact killing them on the spot..

Oli's best friend, Sage, gets caught in a mysterious situation, prompting the group to suspect that the resistance is interfering with bonded groups, rendering them powerless and emotionally unstable. 

Oli and Gryphon | Artwork by giulia_fw.arts

Notably, Oleander bonds with Gryphon, who is on the book cover which means in every book she is going to bond with the person on the cover of the group. “That scene” was okay to some extent but the tension between all of them after that was quite funny. Some bonds become caring towards her, some got jealous (I think Nox's behavior means he was jealous) and some got awkward. 

The book's ending is rather abrupt, leaving me curious and eager for the next book—a very strategic move to keep us readers engaged.

Things that were annoying in this  book:

Firstly, Oli's frequent threat of killing others, even in serious situations, starts off amusing but eventually becomes somewhat grating. Her relentless confidence and declarations of power come across as cheesy and quite annoying.

Secondly, it's somewhat frustrating how every female character seems irresistibly drawn to her bonds. While some variation is expected for the sake of the story, it would be more empowering to showcase diverse character dynamics.

Lastly, Oli's shift from initially fearing her powers to using them recklessly and overconfidently is a bit unsettling. She was afraid to be a murderer in the first book which was later revealed that she was one, and she considered herself a monster and stuff. It was hard keeping up with that girl. All of this makes her character look irritating and foolish, and I'm at a loss for words. I'm even perplexed.

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