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Blood Bonds (The Bonds that Tie 3) | A glimpse into the pages of your next RH read

Blood Bonds is the third book in the Bonds that Tie series. So, now the story is coming together filling in the gaps and becoming much more understanding. Now I have got some idea what is happening but still, I have lots of questions.

So Blood Bonds gives insight into what happened 5 years ago with Oli when she got into an accident in which her parents died. Her life took a sinister turn when she was abducted from the hospital by the notorious Resistance leader, Silas Davies, an embodiment of malevolence who relished tormenting Oli in a bid to control her bond/powers. We learn from the previous book that Oli is a rare and immensely powerful Soul Render, the only one of her kind still alive. Silas's attempts to manipulate her five years ago led to two years of brutal captivity and unrelenting torture, during which he relentlessly sought to uncover her bond's names, a secret Oli steadfastly guarded. Interestingly, much of the agony she endured seemed to bypass her conscious awareness as her bond absorbed it, revealing its protective nature during moments of dire crisis and danger.

Also, can we appreciate the chemistry and dynamic between Kieran and Oli. I mean they are both captives of Silas Davies in the starting chapters in a resistance camp and Oli is just amazing there. Their taunting and sarcasm and how they work together to get out of the camp by deceiving Silas.

With the newfound insights into Oli's past, her character takes on a deeper dimension. Her resilience and determination become more evident as we discover the horrors she endured. After escaping captivity by sheer luck, she has been in hiding, evading both the Resistance and her bonds, who, for the first time, grasp the truth of her ordeal. Their attitudes have evolved, except for Nox, whose constant irritation towards Oli raises questions about his own story.

Furthermore, we learn that a bond is a living, sentient entity inhabiting a human body, with Oli's bond possessing a distinct personality and a sense of superiority. This bond is overconfident, with no moral compass, and humorously sarcastic. Also after the formation of bonds Oli can hear her bonds in her head and those conversations were pretty amusing.

In this book, Oli and North complete their bond leading to her increased control and synchronization with her bond. Her bond doesn't act erratically. I am guessing she got it all wrong in terms of losing control of her bond if she bonds with all of her bonds. I think she will be more in control if she does that and I think her fear is somewhat a result of the torture she endured during 2 years of captivity implanted by Silas to manipulate her into believing she poses a threat to everyone, including her own bonds. I am guessing it's a tactic Silas used to control her in some way but again there are lots of questions that I need answers to.


We also know that Atlas knew about what had been done to her because his family was involved and he got out when he learned the truth. they were all told that she ran away instead she was getting tortured without any hope that someone would come to get her. Atlas also knew about all of her powers and that is why he was extra caring to her without any question.

This book is noticeably better written than the 2nd book, and the dynamics between the bonds are becoming increasingly coherent. North, in particular, stands out as an older, responsible, and mature character deeply in love with Oli, albeit with a tendency to be overly controlling 😅 . But he is amazing. I am digging into the next book now. let's see how the story unfolds further.