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Broken Bonds (The Bonds that Tie) | A glimpse into the pages of your next RH read

I've recently started reading "Broken Bonds" after stumbling upon it via TikTok. This particular series is a reverse harem story. I'd like to share my thoughts on the first book, which primarily serves as an introduction to the characters and the overarching plot rather than revealing much about the deep details.

Our central character is Oli, short for Oleander Fallows (that's a pretty name tbh). The narrative hints at a haunting past: Oli's mother and her 3 bonded companions were on the run, and a tragic accident claimed the lives of all but Oli herself. She carries an overwhelming burden of guilt, believing she may have played a role in their demise. Moreover, Oli possesses a formidable and potentially perilous power (which is unknown exactly what it is in this book) that instills in her a deep fear of harming her bonded companions. Astonishingly, she discovers she is bonded to five individuals while recuperating in the hospital after the accident, prompting her to flee.

Oleander Fallows

In the present (after 5 years of running), a highly skilled Tac team operates under the auspices of a council of gifted individuals with magical abilities. This Tac team is commanded by one of Oli's bonded, North Draven, a figure of immense wealth, power, and prominence within the council, hailing from a family of great influence. Their mission is to capture Oli and transport her to North Draven. She was captured and admitted into Draven University for her education and training.

Oli grapples with the challenges of adapting to her new circumstances. Her bonds harbor resentment and animosity towards her, leaving her in a state of confusion regarding her sudden disappearance. The Resistance, a group dedicated to combating these gifted individuals, plays a significant role in the narrative. They eliminate those with weaker abilities and detain those possessing formidable gifts. It was revealed on some occasions in the book that they might be after Oleander due to her gifts or abilities.

Artist: giannyfili

The dynamic between these six individuals is truly intriguing. Bonds typically involve a natural attraction, but Oli finds herself conflicting with the desires of her bonded companions. She goes to great lengths to conceal her powers, even pretending to be without gifts, leading her peers at the university to despise her. Oli endures bullying and degradation, but throughout the first book, she manages to establish some friendships and improve her relationship with two of her bonds.

As I continue to read this book, I am totally intrigued by the prospect of learning more about Oli's abilities and her intricate connections with her mysterious bonds, notably North and Nox, two brothers, and Gryphon Shore, who silently follows her every move with hawk-like attention. Gryphon also serves as the leader of one of the Tac Teams.

I must admit that I'm somewhat bothered by the fact that all the male characters are described as incredibly attractive with chiseled physiques, causing females to swoon over them. However, I acknowledge that this dynamic adds an engaging layer to the story. 

I will give this book 4 stars and I cannot wait to read the next book in the series.