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"No Turning Back" Book 1 in Kathleen Turner Series by Tiffany Snow | A thrilling October read awaits!

It's almost the end of October and I thought of writing about my favourite book series. I read this series a while ago and I am wondering why this is not viral. This series is amazing. So let's start with the first book. "No Turning Back" is written by Tiffany Snow. This book was published in 2011 and I found it by pure accident in 2013 or 2014. When I started reading this book I could not stop. It was a wormhole and I fell into it. I did not know that romantic suspense is like a genre and it would be so addicting because I was just started out reading books and trying various genres to see which one I would enjoy. I searched some books and started reading some but this one I got stuck. According to Goodreads, it is in the category of Romantic Suspense, Fiction, Mystery, and Thriller. I decided recently if I am starting my blog why not write a detailed review on my most favourite reads.

The story is about a young 24-year-old girl named Kathleen Turner who is named after Famous Kathleen Turner. It's like the family joke of her family that they are named after famous people or celebrities. She works as a runner at a very hotshot law firm where famous lawyers work. Her direct Boss Diane is a difficult woman who doesn't let any moment pass by to belittle her. She runs errands all day long and still her boss finds a way to insult her for petty things but Kathleen needs this job. She also works as a bartender in a bar at night where working conditions are somewhat bearable because she has friends there. One incident happened at the firm in a meeting that involved Kathleen face-planting herself in Blane's lap (Blane Kirk who is a hotshot lawyer) which led her to be noticed by other lawyers too. Moving further into the story her neighbour and her friend Shiela got murdered and Kathleen got wrapped into an insane conspiracy revolving around election fraud.  Shiela's boyfriend has the proof of the fraud that happened in the election and powerful people are after it. He confides in Kathleen because he also doesn't have anybody else. Then someone murders him. So Kathleen is on the run now. She got entangled with two people who were later revealed to be Brothers; Blane and Kade. Kade Dennon who is a private hit man occasionally works with the FBI. So, basically, this story revolves around a web of conspiracy, murder, fraud, and deceit that stretches from the law firm to the US Senate involving very powerful people of the top brass.

This is the crux of 1st book let's go to my review

My Review (Spoilers ahead)

My Rating: 
5 stars.
Spice Level: πŸŒΆπŸŒΆ
2/5, Mild.

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  • Kathleen basically is a kind-hearted beautiful girl. She has strawberry blonde hair, she is short only 5 ft and she loves her hair which she claims is the only beautiful feature of her body. The way this character is written is amazing making me fall in love with her. She is that innocent, and sweet person with a heart of gold that you want to be friends with. And this book series is written with her POV so ofcourse readers are compelled to fall in love with her. Now that I remember Adeline from Haunting Adeline gave off the same vibes. Kathleen is like Adeline before she was kidnapped. Although she also has a tragic past. her father died in the line of duty (policeman) her mother got cancer and Kathleen took care of her leaving her education and thus collecting a lot of debt and hospital bills. After her mother's death, she moved out of her town to Indiana and got two jobs. This is why she is struggling with two jobs to pay off her debt. 
  • Kade Dennon (OMG!!!!) is like a mixture of Damon Salvatore from TVD and Rhysand from ACOTAR. He has these piercing blue eyes and jet black hair and olive no somewhat olive skin. and he's got that arrogance that ladies happen to like so much. He saw Kathleen and it was love at first sight but when he found out she was with Blane he kind of started resenting her and doubting her intentions that she was a gold digger.
  • Blane Kirk is a very rich hotshot lawyer. Control Freak is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of him. He has every part of his life figured out until Kathleen happens in his life and his life is turned upside down or up I don't know it's a whirlwind. Blane courted Kathleen and he helped her with all the stuff happening in the book. He was very protective of Kathleen mostly because she didn't have anyone else in her life and she was young.

This first book is an amazing October read. I do that every year. I just curl up in my bed and read this book. It has spooky elements, a murder mystery, a spicy (not cringy spicy but good spicy) love triangle, unfolding of some secrets, suspense, and humor. In short, it's a perfect blend of everything you need to read in October. I loved this series the moment I started reading it. I love reading those scenes where the author beautifully captures the scenes or background to give the reader some ideas of the scene and Tiffany Snow wrote it beautifully. The way Kathleen's apartment is portrayed, the way she runs errands and there is slippery snow, and the way Blane and Kathleen have their first dinner. Amazing!!. that is why I love to re-read it again and again because it's cozy and comfortable.

P.S. I don't like this book cover though. I am big on book covers (they should be attractive and beautiful) and I don't think this cover captures the essence of this book. I understand this genre usually has these types of covers but a little more imagination and creativity doesn't hurt anybody. though the previous one was a little better because of the numbers and coloring.

I will be reviewing the next book in the series soon. In the meantime. Happy Reading!!!!

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