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Forced Bonds (The Bonds that Tie 4) | A glimpse into the pages of this fourth book in the series

I've completed reading "Forced Bonds," which is the fourth book of the "Bonds That Tie" series. The story keeps improving with each book, and the plot is becoming increasingly engaging.

In the previous book, a significant plot twist occurred when Sage, Olli's best friend, appeared to betray Olli and their group by killing their protector, leading to an attack on the Sanctuary by the Resistance. 

In this latest installment, everyone is on a quest to uncover Sage's true intentions. Is she aligned with the Resistance, or is she under some form of mind control? To find the answers, they go to a vacation town (where mostly resistance sympathizers reside) to rescue Sage's abused bonds, particularly Riley, who was portrayed as an antagonist in the first two books but is now revealed to be manipulated by Giovanna's mind control. This prompts Oli, Nox, and Gryphon to come to Riley's aid, resulting in some surprising revelations. Gryphon, in particular, is taken aback when he witnesses the emergence of Nox's bond (which did not know about), shedding light on the fact that these bonds are more than meets the eye—they house ancient powers within them, coexisting with the humans.

In the course of this book, Oli forms bonds with her final two companions, Gabe and Nox, which greatly enhances their abilities, leaving everyone in awe and fear alike. Gabe undergoes a remarkable transformation, becoming a formidable dragon, while Atlas experiences a substantial boost in his strength.

Amidst all the action and discoveries, Gryphon continues to barge into Oli's inner thoughts, resulting in humorous interactions due to Oli's penchant for dramatics and Gryphon's sarcastic nature. The banter between them adds an entertaining dimension to the story.

At the end of the book Oli and the gang manage to kill Silas Davies but more stronger gifted appear which makes them killing a bit difficult then a big twist comes and my heart lurched when Nox died like really died. He says something sweet and just poof; sacrificing himself to save his brother. My heart lurched while reading that part, and then I remembered that he is the important bond he cannot die like that. The Author is going to do something so Oli and Nox can come close in this way so I relaxed.

I'll see you in the next life, Bonded. 
Maybe I can love you right there.”
― J. Bree, Forced Bonds

On the whole, this book was a good read The dynamic of the group is coming together to create a seamless rhythm. everybody in the group knows their place now. I love how Oli precisely thinks about how every one of her bonds has a particular part in her life. and I adored all the cute and funny moments.

“Shadow creatures, a dragon, complete mind control, super strength that can also shield and keep the rest of us alive, and my bond. We’re a complete arsenal at this point.”

― J. Bree, Forced Bonds

I cannot wait to read the next book and I give this book 4 stars.✨ 

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