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Are You Brave Enough to Read this Series? | The Mindf*ck Series by S.T. Abby

This book series takes darkness to a whole new level—calling it Dark Romance doesn't quite capture it, it's just dark, like, really dark. I devoured these 5 books in a mere two days. So, let's discuss the plotline. 

Warning: spoilers ahead, proceed with caution.

We have Lana Myers, an online entrepreneur who catches the eye of an FBI agent named Logan in a coffee shop. Lana is a serious mature girl who works a lot and doesn't go out much or do any kind of stuff that normal people do; kind of a mysterious person. Logan and Lana start dating each other and things become serious between them. Lana has a past that she doesn't talk about. Logan is oblivious to the fact that Lana is on a chilling revenge spree, systematically targeting individuals connected to her traumatic past. Simultaneously, Logan is engrossed in investigating a series of serial murders plaguing a seemingly peaceful town with a dark history.

Lana Myers

The plot thickens as Lana and Logan fall in love, unaware of each other's secrets; more like Logan is unaware of Lana's secret. Another serial killer enters the scene, targeting women of a specific profile, when Logan tries to stop him he becomes Logan's enemy. Now he is targeting Logan and Lana wants the killer to come after her so she can kill him and protect Logan...Exciting...Right!!!! The suspense escalates as this new killer reaches Lana, leading to a twisted climax where justice is served. Logan’s colleague finds out about Lana and confronts her. Lana tells her about her past; about the loving father who was sentenced to an unimaginable fate in prison; about a boy and a girl murdered 10 years ago. She tells her the gruesome facts of what happened to those teenagers before they were killed by a sick mob of teenage boys and how the police and FBI did not help them afterward. Because the Mayor and the Sheriff were corrupt to the core and potentially involved in the whole scenario.

Logan Bennett

My Review (Spoilers Ahead)

My Rating: ★★★★

5 stars.
Spice Level: 🌶🌶
2/5, Somewhat Low.

These books, though not widely recognized, deserve to go viral. The epic storyline is masterfully told, playing mind games with the reader and delivering unexpected twists and turns. Beware of trigger warnings, though—the narrative doesn't shy away from intense themes including a bit of gore.

The story is a gripping rollercoaster that keeps you on the edge of your seat, compelling you to read on and never stop until the end. Lana, the intelligent and stylish serial killer, has earned a spot as my all-time favorite female character. The way she organised the revenge on the whole town is just epic and I don't have any words for that...Lana is simply Brilliant...

Despite my enthusiasm, I must mention a pet peeve—the individual book covers. They don't quite do justice to the gripping tale within. A plea to the author: consider updating the individual book covers to match the intensity of the story. I will also mention that the full series book cover is amazing referring to the nails and the apple Lana used in the books.

In conclusion, I highly recommend diving into this riveting series. If you are searching for your next Mystery thriller fix go for this series.

Happy Reading !!!