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Breaking the Spell: My 10 Proven Ways to Escape the Reading Slump

I'm an avid reader, and my love for books knows no bounds—I read extensively, perhaps even to the point of it being unhealthy. However, there are occasions when I find myself caught in a reading rut, and as a fellow reader, I recognize that being in a reading slump is quite disheartening.

There will be a time that you will be yearning for a series to captivate you like the last one did, feeling the weight of global events, or simply unable to pinpoint the cause, the fact remains that you're not reading as much as you'd like, despite the desire to do so.

Fear not, fellow Book Nerds. We've all faced this dilemma, gazing at our bookshelves loaded with an ever-growing To-Be-Read pile, yet needing more motivation, enthusiasm, and energy to dive into any of them. That's why after rigorous research and experimenting on myself I have compiled these 10 solutions to help you break free from your reading slump.

1. Read Something Unexpected

Embrace the freedom of reading a book you think you won't like. Something out of your comfort zone or a genre you haven’t explored. Do not keep any expectations beforehand and do not feel guilty if you are not able to finish the book. It's a chance to read on your terms. This year I read Shantel Tessier and I must say it was refreshing to read her.

2. Read The first few pages of as many books as you can

Test the waters by reading the initial 5 or 10 pages of numerous books. This approach lets you stop reading the book if it doesn’t align with your mood or vibe….simple!! Although it does increase the chances of discovering a book that unexpectedly captures your attention.

3. Reread your favorite book

Rereading the book that first ignited your love for reading can be a powerful and simple solution to overcome a reading slump. There…. This is my favorite book, and it played a pivotal role in turning me into a reading enthusiast or should I say reading addict.

4. Explore Audiobooks

Well, it’s not a traditional reading, audiobooks offer an interesting alternative. There are some very great sites (I am going to compile a list of such websites soon) that offer free trials where you can try listening to some. From experience, I can say once you are engrossed in a new audiobook, that excitement can easily translate into picking up a new book from the same series. My first ever audiobook was this.

5. Join Booktok

Well, booktok is a fun way to rekindle your love for reading and overcome the slump. There is a big community of booktokers out there who make amazing content from memes to recs to visualizing themes and art of viral books. I would not recommend reading viral books because sometimes they are just overhyping it on social media. Do seek other booktokers ask for recommendations and discuss your slump with them. It will help you a lot. (Here is my booktok though)

6. Seek recommendations

Trustworthy recommendations from friends, family, or respected individuals can reignite your reading spark. I will repeat it again social media (booktok, Bookstagram) is a great way to ask for recommendations. Check out my bookstagram if you are looking for some recs.

7. Change your reading environment

I know we have seen book lovers who have created cozy beautiful spaces for reading. It is great to create such a space for yourself but do keep changing the environment. If you usually read in your room, try the kitchen table, couch, or front porch. Read in a park, or in your lawn in fresh air, read in a beautiful open natural place, and enjoy the surroundings too.  A slight change might remind you of the joy reading brings. Also, switch up your reading routine too; as it helps too.

9. Discuss your slump

A reading slump may stem from factors like not finding the right book or underlying issues such as anxiety or depression. Talking with trusted friends, family, or professionals can offer insights and tools to overcome these challenges.

10. Read a short book

Not every book has to be lengthy. Consider picking up a novella or short story to reignite your reading enthusiasm. Here is my recommendation; the shortest book I have read in 2023.

10. Don’t Punish yourself for not Reading (take it easy)

Give yourself permission to take a break from reading if it's causing stress. Reading is fun….take it as a fun activity. Do not overburden yourself. Think of it as a reading vacation, and trust that you'll return to your books when the time is right.

With a bit of luck and patience, one or a combination of these suggestions may help you overcome your reading slump. If you're seeking specific recommendations, here are some guaranteed books to pull you out of your reading drought 👇: