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'All Part of the Soul' by Catherine Fearns Uncovers the Secrets of European Witch Trials

This book I got this from NetGalley. The book is written by Catherine Fearns and I would like to thank the author and Netgalley for letting me read this book. This is historical fiction about the time when there were gruesome witch trials in Europe which led to the death of approximately 50,000 people mostly women. Many characters in the book are real but the main characters are fictional which is good because if they were real my heart wouldn't take it.
Historical Fiction, About the Witch Trials in Europe
Serious, Deep, Emotional
Easy to read
oh no...the main character Henry was okay in the start but later in the book I wanted to kill him myself. I wouldn't say there is character is mostly like his true self came out in the end and it was not a good self.
☙ Historical Fiction
☙ MMC enamored with FMC
☙ MMC is a clueless prick
☙ FMC wrongly accused because of jilted MMC
☙ Witch Trials
I finished this book yesterday and today when I woke up my mind was blank....blank like when you go through something heartbreaking and you think where the hell this world is going...I was so into Henry Aubert's character at the start. He was this innocent kid who was orphaned at a very young age. He was living alone living off the little wealth his father left him. His whole family dies in the plague that swept Europe in the 1500s. 

He was young and he joined this new religion and there he was brainwashed...yes, I would say brainwashed because the things Protestant Reformists were teaching to people were just ugly and stupid. These people were ignorant as hell and Henry became one of them. He was sent to investigate a case in the small town of Stigny. The investigation that went on was the stupidest. but I know this was all real. People like stupid Henry existed back then. 

I also have read some stuff that happened during witch trials but I did not how debasing it was for the women who were accused of being a witch.  A woman who was a healer and a doctor was accused of being a witch by other women. Henry was such a genius he went on to procure evidence against her only because he thought she loved another.

I got literally angry at Henry...when all was done he had the audacity to think she loved him and she would want her property to be taken care of by him...she would want him to publish her work under her name...I mean he was a total psychopath disguised as this person who is awkward in crowds and doesn't know anything about being social. Hmmm...this looks familiar...🤦

About the ending; I was hoping Henry to just go insane after what he did but he was a shameless vile person. these kind of people don't just go insane. anyhow...on the whole, the book was good, well-written with a great plot....a little heart breaking but it's okay it was given considering the topic.

Overall: ★★★★★| 5 Stars
Plot: ★★★★★ | 5 Stars
Characters: ★★★★★| 5 Stars
Ending: ★★★| 3 Stars
Bookcover:★★ | 4 Stars 
☙ Loiuse was the best part of the book
☙ Louise's Death was gruesome. she was such gentle soul and she died in pain. I couldn't...
☙ Henry took all of Louise's property...which was not fair..he shouldn't be given anything related to Louise.
☙ Louise  de Penney
☙ Bernard to some extent
☙ Henry Aubert