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King Midas and his Golden Touch Re-imagined in this Enchanting Romantasy | Gild by Raven Kennedy | A Review

Gild is the first book of the series written by Raven Kennedy. Here is the GoodReads description: 

The fae abandoned this world to us. And the ones with power rule.
Gold floors, gold walls, gold furniture, gold clothes. In Highbell, in the castle built into the frozen mountains, everything is made of gold.
Even me.
King Midas rescued me. Dug me out of the slums and placed me on a pedestal. I’m called his precious. His favored. I’m the woman he Gold-Touched to show everyone that I belong to him. To show how powerful he is. He gave me protection, and I gave him my heart. And even though I don’t leave the confines of the palace, I’m safe.
Until war comes to the kingdom and a deal is struck.
Suddenly, my trust is broken. My love is challenged. And I realize that everything I thought I knew about Midas might be wrong.
Because these bars I’m kept in, no matter how gilded, are still just a cage. But the monsters on the other side might make me wish I’d never left.
The myth of King Midas reimagined. This compelling adult fantasy series is as addictive as it is unexpected. With romance, intrigue, and danger, the gilded world of Orea will grip you from the very first page.
I mean it is pretty intriguing...this description led me to read the book.

Fairytale Retelling (King Midas), High Fantasy, Enemies to Lovers(sort of), 
My Rating
Overall: ★★★★ | 4 Stars
Plot: ★★★★ | 4 Stars
Characters: ★★★★★| 5 Stars
Ending: ★★★★ | 5 Stars
Fun: ★★★★ | 4 Stars
Spice Level: 🌶| 1/5 
My Review
In the first books of high fantasy series, there are usually introductions, world-building, and stuff. But this one was amazing in the first book. I got hooked. Auren is just an amazing cinnamon roll (I know).....I fell in love with her instantly. Her inner monologue was just amazing. This character has a mature way of bullshit drama....She lives in a cage and she just wants to have a little bit of freedom...only to feel snow on her face but she is sort of a rare commodity or we can say a prized possession for the king. She is an actual gold so he keeps her under so many wraps and bars that she sometimes feels stifled.
The Best Part:
Just Auren and her scenes....simply beautiful...
The Worst Part:
There are some trigger warnings....some situations made me uncomfortable but as a whole, there are no worst parts.
Best Character
Auren 🧡
Worst Character
King Midas, Queen Malina

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