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Magical Realms and Enchanting Escapades | A Review of Heir of Fire from Throne of Glass series

Heir of Fire is the third book in the Throne of Glass series. This book continues the story of Celaena Sardothien; Adarlan's Assassin; King's Champion and much more than she looks. This is the kind of book that takes you to faraway enchanting lands of Fae and you keep thinking about it all the time.

High Fantasy, Young adult
Adventurous, Mystery
Easy to read
Likable and multilayered character
☙ High Fantasy Magical World
☙ Enemies to Friends (sort of)
☙ Fighting your inner power and inner demons
☙ Emotional and Physical Scars
☙ Alpha hero and extra Alpha heroine
☙ Love/Hate
☙ Forced proximity
We find out in the last book who Celaena actually is. In this book, she is off to a faraway land on a King's secret mission. There she gets as low as can be with self-loathing and no care of the world. Her relationship with Chaol is damaged to extreme points. And she is struggling to accept the fact that they are not together anymore that he won't be waiting for her when she goes back and that now he hates her more than ever.

There are introductions of new and interesting characters in this book. A sort of rival by the name of Rowan bullies her and trains her and they have a very interesting love/hate relationship throughout the book. In the end, they finally produce some sort of respect for each other when they save each other in dire circumstances.

Artwork by 

We finally get to meet Queen Maeve of the Fae who is ruthless and beautiful and rules with an iron hand in the small territory of Doranelle; which is a haven for full-blooded Fae. No half-fae or hybrid is allowed to come into the territory because of deep-rooted racism. Half fae have to train there so they are deemed qualified enough to permit entry. Celaena is also trained for the same purpose so she can have an audience with the Fae Queen Maeve. 

Artwork by Marya Makovetskaya

Dorian is more alone than ever. He is struggling with new powers and after Celaena leaves. Half the time he holds up his tower. He finds Sorcha (a healer) and they find solace in each other company in the start and later become lovers. Another amazing new species is introduced in the book: Ironteeth Witch Clan which also has iron nails. Manon is the main character; she is ruthless, murderous, beautiful beyond bounds, and has a no-nonsense attitude.
In conclusion, this book was epic as the story is moving forward and lots of new situations are arising. 👍


Overall: ★★★★★| 5 Stars
Plot: ★★★★★ | 5 Stars
Characters: ★★★★★| 5 Stars
Ending: ★★★★★| 5 Stars
Fun: ★★★★★| 5 Stars
 | 4 Stars 
☙ Rowan and Celaena investigating the Fae                 murders
☙The keep at the edge of Doranelle and its                 inhabitants
☙ Mano choosing and then training Abraxos
☙ Dorian and Sorcha
☙ Aelin standing up for Rowan in front of Maeve
☙ Sorcha's Death
☙ Death of thousands of people in labor camps             (why Sarah has to do this...this was abhorrent         and unacceptable)
☙ Rowan 
☙ Aelin
☙ Dorian 
☙ Sorcha
☙ Manon
☙ Abraxos
☙ King of Adarlan
☙ Blackbeak Matron
☙ Maeve