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Heartbreakingly beautiful story surrounding Folklore and Legends | A Review of The Bride of Death written by F.M. Aden

A review of The bride of death by Quills and Pages

***This is a review of an ARC sample from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***

The Bride of Death is written by F.M. Aden. I thank Netgalley and the author for letting me read this arc. This is beautifully written, incorporating various legends, myths, and folktales. The story takes place in a faraway village in Turkey I guess because a lot of terms used in the book are Turkish. The main legend of the story is Erlik Khan. I am going to do another blog post about this myth. It's a  mythical figure in Turkic Mythology referred to as the Lord of the Underworld. Anyway, this book surrounds his legend and a girl from a small village who had a magic of light. This girl named Zerryn captures the eye of Erlik Khan and he kind of blackmails her to participate in three extremely difficult trials or tasks for his hand in marriage. Yes...he manipulated her like that.....even she hated him.

Mythical, Folklore, Fantasy
The book was written very beautifully. The author is an amazing writer.
Easy to read 
Morally Grey characters
☙ Mythical, Folklore, legends
☙ Dark and light magic
☙ Beauty and the Beast vibe
☙ Hades and Persephone vibe
☙ 3 trials for FMC
☙ Vampires and other lethal creatures.
☙ Heartbreakingly Beautiful story but a happy ending

This book has a similar tale-telling vibe to The Bear and the Nightingale. It was so magical right from the start. a girl living in a small cottage near the first. the village used to call her "beautiful but strange". She is the type of girl who spends most of her time in her head. Her mother died when she was a babe and her nanny Derya brought her up. She died also when Zerryn was a little older and then she was sent to live with her grandmother from her mother's side.

She had a good childhood but it was filled with so much death. A little before Derya dies something happens to her and her one eye loses its color and becomes dark...dark like death and night. That's when she started to see things. Things from other dimensions that no one can see. She also starts experiencing strange nightmares about people dying, and a few days later, that person really dies. and due to her the village people usually stay as far away from her as possible. they thought that she was cursed by Erlik Khan; who is a big bad legendary lord of the underworld.

So, this is the crux of the story. It's basically a love story of Zerryn and Erlik Khan. And it's so beautiful filled with trials, enmity, heartbreaks, betrayal, and death. I was sad for Zerryn because of her mother and then her father and then people turning against her calling her demoness and other stuff. But it also has a happy ending so I am satisfied with that. At least she got her happy ending. This book is one of the best of Netgalley I read.

Overall: ★★★★
★| 5 Stars
Plot: ★★★★★ | 5 Stars
Characters: ★★★★| 5 Stars
Ending: ★★★★★| 5 Stars 😭
Fun: | 1 Star 
Spice Level: No 🌶| 0/5
Bookcover:★★| 5 Stars 
☙ Zerryn hate for Erlik khan
☙ Erlik Khan being in a mood because Zerryn ignored him
☙ Zerryn and Beyza Friendship
☙ Zerryn working hard and bieng cunning and sharp to win the trials
☙ The love of grandmother for Zerryn (she loved her so much that it's almost sad in the end)
☙ The village people turning against Zerryn
☙ Celik turning against Zerryn 
☙ Gulya hating Zerryn 
☙ Zerryn ❤ 
☙ Beyza
☙ Minnay (I want another story of Minnay and Zerryn and beyza)
☙ Grandmother ❤ ❤
☙ Erlik
☙ Celik
☙ Gulya
My Favourite Quotes
 As much as she loved stories she didn't wished to become one. (and it's sad because she did become one in the end)
 I's wise to know one's strengths. It prevents pesky accidents, like dying. Minnay
☙ So long as you are thinking of me , I do not care if it is with fondness or loathing. Erlik
Is he mad?....why would someone do something so chaotic and unhinged as to rest their personal products by their poison.