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Jenny Hickman's 'A Cursed Kiss': A Love Story Wrapped in Magic and Curses - Are You Up for the Ride?

I started reading this book because of the audiobook of the third in the Myths of Airren series written by Jenny Hickman. I got the audiobook from Netgalley and wanted to read the first book first. This book was really amazing. 

Romantasy, Fantasy
The tone is quite beautiful. The start of the book was gripping. I started reading it and couldn't put it down.
Easy to read 
Mysterious, Morally grey MMC
Goody two shoes FMC (not that good but she was a good girl with her own standards of morality)
☙ Our Hero is Morally grey and he is just ❤😅
☙ Enemies to Lovers
☙ Magical Curses
☙ Magical beings and Species.
☙ Forced Proximity

☙ Slow Burn

☙ FMC is on a quest to save her sister


Okay SO started reading this book in the last week of December and I got sidetracked by work and other duties. I resumed it this week and got right into this beautiful magical world. The world-building was not very deep in the book but the author touched the basis to give us an idea of what exactly is the world where the story takes place. So this world is ruled by humans and there is racism going on against the Fae species. Humans resent them and they are also being persecuted for stupid things. Our beloved Keelyn is also one of the humans who is brainwashed to think that Fae species are dangerous...they eat humans, charm them, betray them....etc etc.

But then Her sister dies and she has to make a deal with a Fae person to find The Gancanagh....who killed her sister by kissing her. See...the twist is that The Gancanagh has a cursed kiss....whoever kisses him dies instantly. But there is more to this twist which Keelyin finds out way later in the book. And I love all the twists and turns and reveals of secrets that led Keelyn to discover the whole truth about her sister. Now she is in another predicament that she might not know her sister at all. It was 🤌🏼.

Tadgh...our the person who makes a deal with Keelyn. They journey together to the castle of

the Gancanagh. That journey is difficult for both of them for a myriad of reasons. Both despise each other at the start. Tadgh is arrogant and a flirt. Keelyn just hates him so much and is attracted toward him too which makes her hate him more 😂. The situations they both kept getting into were wholesome. But the end was epic.

On the whole, the book was good. In my opinion, the start of the book was gripping then it became slow and boring in the middle I had to turn page after page to just get to where something was happening finally a little after the first half of the story picked up the pace and it gets amazingly good from there.

Overall: ★★★★| 4Stars
Plot: ★★★★ | 4 Stars
Characters: ★★★
|4 Stars
Ending: ★★★★| 4 Stars 😭
| 4 Stars
Spice Level: 🌶| 1/5
Bookcover:★★| 5 Stars 
☙ Deal between Tadgh and Keelyn
☙ When Keelyin knew about Robert's reality
☙ The mystery of Gancanagh and Keelyn's sister
☙ The journey to Tearmann was too long.
☙ The death of Padraigh
☙ Keelyn
☙ Tadgh
☙ Phantom Queen (I want to read more about her)
☙ Ruairi
☙ Lorcan and his wife
☙ Robert