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Natalie Gibson's The Last Immortal – A Rollercoaster of Intrigue and Mystery set in Victorian London

The Last Immortal review by Quills and Pages

***This is a review of an ARC sample from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***

Another one of my Netgalley reads. It took so long for me to get back to properly writing reviews of my NetGalley reads. I would like to thank The Author Natalie Gibson and Netgalley for this book. This book is historical fiction set in the Victorian era. It's about a girl who murders her parents and doesn't remember any of it. She is admitted to a mental asylum. She makes some friends there and murders some people and is then rescued by a guy named Julian. The story starts after that. Its a world of Incola and Carriers. they are supernatural people who can ride and jump to another body. She found she is a carrier and very sought-after one; the rest is history.

Historical Fiction
Easy to Read
Morally Grey Characters
☙ Powers
☙ Victorian Era
☙ Triggering situations
☙ Memory Loss
☙ Two people living in one body
☙ Gore and Violence (Mature content)
☙ Body Possessing Powerful Creatures
So I started this book last year in December and then things happened which led me to leave it for a while. I picked it up last week and finished reading it. So here I am writing a review. So the book starts out in a very mysterious way. The girl named Ramilia (the name which I did not find after reading half the book) wakes up in an asylum and she has no memories of why she is here and what she did. The doctors tell her she murders her parents very gruesomely and that is why she is admitted here.

She was treated very badly by the doctor and the staff. She only knows one thing she has some kind of power and she becomes violent and violently kills people. Her suitor Julian comes forward and asks her that he will come for her in the meantime she should educate herself and learn as much as she can. He provides all kinds of amenities to her. She also makes friends there,  a girl named Hester who is the wife of the doctor, and Moira who she rescues. Moira was so it of her element because of the trauma that she resided with Ramilia in one of her trunks. She felt safe there.

This is a story of use and abuse because there are a lot of triggering situations I was uncomfortable reading it. But on the whole, the story was good. it mostly revolves around Ramilia how she was once a victim and then used by Julian for his own nefarious purposes and then she takes control back and becomes a very powerful lady in London. 

I was most sad for Moira and Hester. Both were very close to Ramilia and they both got a very violent end. They both went through traumatic times until Ramilia rescued them and then later they were both gone because people were after Ramilia. Anyway, I liked reading the book. It's a bit dark and gory for my taste but the concept was different and It was time well spent.

Overall: ★★★★|4 Stars
Plot: ★★★★ | 4 Stars
Characters: ★★★★| 4 Stars
Ending: ★★★★| 4 Stars
Fun: ★★★★★| 5 Stars
 | 2 Stars (it is awesome but I believe the image should be refined a little)
☙ Moira, Hester and Ramilia's Friendship
☙ How Julian used Ramilia ( that was so horrible)
☙ Moira's and Hester's end
☙ The story of Sally
☙ Moira
☙ Ramilia
☙ Hester
☙ Julian
☙ Ramilia's Father