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Queen of Shadows | A Review of Book 4 in Throne of Glass series

The fifth book in the series is Queen of Shadows. Amazing and exhilarating. I was on an emotional rollercoaster while reading this book. I was completely sad to let Celaena go but that has to be the story. Things need to move forward. It was amazing how Celaena finally accepted her destiny. Celaena is the ultimate dream... strong, confident, sassy, and just ❤. Although there are many plotlines in this book which has made some readers overwhelmed and confused. But for me it was epic. On the whole, this book was Fire.

High Fantasy, Young adult
Adventurous, Mystery
Easy to Read
Multilayered Complex Swoon-worthy Characters
☙ High Fantasy Magical World
☙ Enemies to Friends (sort of)
☙ Fighting your inner power and inner demons
☙ Emotional and Physical Scars
☙ Alpha hero and extra Alpha heroine
☙ The Evil King
☙ Magic
☙ Ancient Prophecies coming to life
Okay so in the last book, Aelin is finally coming back to Erilea. She comes back reunites with old friends, gathers a group of followers, and finally meets with Chaol. Chaol in this book is angry as hell because he has lost a lot of people because of his poor choices and he is taking it out on Aelin. Aelin gives him peace of mind which somewhat cools him down. I understand why is Chaol angry but still why he has to be stupid as hell.

The king has gone full dark and took the prince with him from the last book. Dorian has a Valg prince living inside of him now and he has given up fighting because he thinks there is nothing for him out there in the world. But then he meets Manon Blackbeak and he claws his way out to meet her. Oh the chemistry between them was 🤌

We have more insight into the story of Manon Blackbeak. She has been given a wyvern who is a total heartthrob. Abraxos was a warrior with a heart of gold. I fell in love with a wyvern lol. Their chemistry is just amazing. The thirteen are also in the picture 

We get to meet Elide Lochan who is going to play a pretty important character in the upcoming books. We also get to meet Lorcan; another member of Maeve's cadre and he is on the mission of saving his mistress in his own twisted way. He finds Elide and then the rest is history. You will know why I said it when you read the books.

There are so many more characters in the book; Lysandra, Arobyn, and Aedion, and they all have their own past and storylines to follow. This book was good because there are a whole lot of scenes in the forests, ancient islands, marshes, and Pirates Bay...yeah the locations were ❤ which gave a very whimsy vibe to this book. 
Overall: ★★★★★| 5 Stars
Plot: ★★★★★ | 5 Stars
Characters: ★★★★★| 5 Stars
Ending: ★★★★★| 5 Stars
Fun: ★★★★★| 5 Stars
 | 3 Stars 
☙ Abraxos and Manon
☙ Lorcan claims he is a big bad wolf and then goes on to save Elide at every opportunity he gets
☙ Lysandra and Aelin making up
☙ Manon standing up to her grandmother for Asterin
☙ Aedion's Rescue
☙ There is no more Celaena, no more underground passages to venture at night, no more Celaena going on shopping sprees and collecting books
☙ To see Aelin moving on from Sam
☙ I wanted to see more of Arobyn Hamel and Celaena. He died too easy
☙ Why Kaltain Rompier has to have a tragic life and then a tragic end
☙ Aelin's habit of making decisions herself and putting everyone in jeopardy
☙ Kaltain Romper
☙ Manon Blackbeak
☙ Asterin Blackbeak
☙ Elide Lochan
☙ The King
☙ Blackbeak Matron

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