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A Cursed Love Myths of Airren Book 3 written by Jenny Hickman | A Book Review

***This is a review of an ARC sample audiobook from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review***

I did not want to finish this book. I started listening to this audiobook in January and February is about to end. The world of Airren is so amazing plus the characters were so fun that I wanted to listen to them bicker again and again. 

A Cursed Love is the third book in the series of Myths of Airren written by Jenny HickmanThis book focused on the 4 characters from the past books. Tadhg and Keelynn, Aveen and RΓ­an plus one pooka named Ruairi. The story revolves around these silly amazing characters and their struggles for their love and relationships then the blight that is ravaging their lands and last but not least the looming threat of the phantom Queen who is after them all. Here is a brief synopsis of the book;

Meanwhile, Aveen and RΓ­an grapple with personal demons and the vengeance of the Phantom Queen, leaving peace elusive.
The fall of the Princes of Tearmann is inevitable as the Queen closes in, demanding a high price for defiance.
In Tearmann, a deadly blight threatens the DanΓΊ people. Tadhg and Keelynn must halt their advance to save what remains.

Romantasy, High Fantasy

Love, Mystery, Drama, Action

Easy to Read

Growing and Changing characters

☙ Fated Mates
☙ Fae  Arrogant Princes
☙ Relationship Struggles
☙ Love Triangles
☙ Found Family
☙ Big Bad Cold Villian Queen

First of all thanks to Netgalley for letting me have this amazing audiobook.  The narrators were amazing as they efficiently portrayed the feelings and emotions behind the dialogues. This book explored so many tropes that my head spun but it was a good thing because this made it interesting. I do not want to spoil but some spoilers are a given otherwise this review will be bland.

So, first of all, Keelyn and Tadgh are awesome together. Keelyin has woken up from her curse and now she is engaged to be married to Tadgh certain situations arise that are serious but their reaction and their whole persona change which makes that situation comical. Tadgh is a powerful fae prince but when it comes to Keelyn he is such an insecure baby. I could not stop laughing at those scenes where Tadgh was struggling and instead of dealing with the love child situation head-on he just gets drunk and hides in the broom literally...πŸ˜‚ gotta read it it was funny as hell.

Then Our second couple of the series. Aveen and Rian.....I don't know where to start...both are stubborn as hell and stupid as hell too.  Rian is mad and sour throughout the whole book, manipulates Aveen, refuses to train her, then put a lock on her magic, avoids her like the plague, and then gets jealous when other men come into her boy get a grip 🀷. Then the situation with Leesha happens and not Aveen is heartbroken and mad at him and leaves him. But things happen after that.....

Rian's personality is fecking amazing πŸ˜…. The way he was enjoying the situation of Tadgh. He was that person if I am not happy no one should be happy. 
My ex-wife and soon to be sister in law for the 100th time πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I think I like Rian more. He was grumpy almost in all of the chapters.
Just what this castle needed more giggles......
I would find somewhere else to live somewhere dark and dark like my mood...

I love those scenes when Tadgh and Rian taking care of the baby. It was effing hilarious. And one scene also worth mentioning when Rian was shifted into Aveen and went to meet with the Pirate.....that scene was πŸ§‘‍πŸ³πŸ˜™πŸ€Œ......The way Rian become a Diva all of a sudden ❤. On the whole the book was awesome. I would recommend it.

Overall: ★★★★ 
| 5 Stars
Plot: ★★★★ | 5 Stars
Characters: ★★★★★ | 5 Stars
Ending: ★★★★| 5 Stars
Fun: ★★| 5 Stars
Spice Level: πŸŒΆπŸŒΆπŸŒΆπŸŒΆ| 4/5
Book Cover:★★ | 5 Stars

☙ Tadgh and Rian brotherly dynamic ❤
☙ Rian getting Jealous and Ruairi adding fuel to the fire πŸ˜‚
☙ Rian dealing with the Pirate to save Aveen from leaving with him 🀌
☙ Rian taking care of the babyπŸ˜…❤
☙  Rian avoiding and talking with Keelyn was comical

☙ Aveen dying and coming back as the phantom queen.....I did not liked that part at all.

Best Character
☙ Rian ❤
☙ Ruairi

☙ Phantom Queen
☙ Anwen