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Howl's Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki| A Review

Have you ever watched a movie and experienced something so beautiful and magical that just stuck in your heart and mind and it breaks your heart that you will never experience something like that in reality because reality works in a different way than a human's imagination. I know I sound sappy. But we all have those kinds of moments. 

Last weekend I got to watch Howl's Moving Castle and it affected some of my brain chords so deeply that I can't help but vent my thoughts out in the only way I can. That is why I am writing this review. For those who don't know Howl's Moving Castle is a timeless classic by Studio Ghibli released in 2004. 

This is the story of Sophie, a girl who makes hats for a living, has a cute home and a shop. She somehow captures the attention of Howl...the infamous wizard who is rumored to steal maiden's hearts and leave them broken and sad. Then there is another important character in the mix the Witch of the Waste who is after Howl and when she finds out about Sophie she puts a spell on her and Sophie gets old. That's where the story starts...Sophie journeys toward the unknown and accidentally finds Howl's moving castle and then Howl and there she becomes his maid. 

Cute Romance

Beautiful, awe-inspiring, Enchanting

Multilayered Complex Characters

☙ Beautiful Adventure
☙ Awe-inspiring Romance
☙ Time Travel Romance
☙ Magic and Curses
☙ He is searching for her
☙ Politics and War
☙ Forced proximity


I was bored and didn't want to read, so I mindlessly started scrolling my movie collection....thinking about what to watch. This movie came in view and I mindlessly clicked it and it started playing. One thing about me I cannot watch new movies or TV series unless I really get a feeling that I should watch it. Most of the time I just stop watching when the movie is too boring or doesn't catch my attention. needless to say, all the movies releasing in these past few years are full of  stupidity. 

Anyway, I forced myself to watch it. There are some things that got my attention from the start.  First the animation level is absolutely's 2004 and Studio Ghibli did an amazing job.....the details....the was so cozy that I can't help but fall into that work. 

The second thing that enraptured me was that scene paired with Merry-go-round music. When Howl rescues Sophie from the soldiers and they try to escape and they fly.......omg....I cannot explain in words what I felt in those scenes. That scene was so beautiful and enchanting and it took my breath away. It took me to another world.

And then the Howl's Caste was an absolute steampunk masterpiece. Also, the whole vibe and environment of the movie are so calming and soothing. In the scene where Sophie sits near the bank of the river and has tea, then the scene of Sophie making her first breakfast it was so whimsical and magical.

Now it is time for a deeper inspection and some spoilers of the story. Do you know the first scene where Howl puts his hand on Sophie's shoulder and his ring bling that was the first sign that He found Sophie and she is the one. Now you will say why he was searching for Sophie? It's because further in the movie when Sophie was trying to rescue Howl. She went into his memories or brain and searched for him. there Howl sees her and she asks him to wait for her before everything collapses. I mean he was searching for her from his childhood memory that is why he has a reputation with the girls....amazing?? right???

I found after watching the movie that there is a book too and now I am itching to get my hands on it. Soon I will read it too and write a review about it too. From the things I heard from fellow readers, it is absolutely breathtaking. Anyway about the Movie I will give it 10 stars. It is so good. I usually don't watch movies but once in a while a movie comes my way and I get obsessed with it. I watch it again and again until I am tired of it. This is the movie and I don't think I will get tired of it.

Overall: ★★★★
 | 5 Stars
Plot: ★★★★ | 5 Stars
Characters: ★★★★ | 5 Stars
Ending: ★★★★ | 5 Stars
Fun: ★| 5 Stars
Animation: ★ | 5 Stars
Music : ★ | 5 stars

☙ First meeting of Sophie and Howl
☙ When Sophie gets angry and cleans the whole castle
☙ The beautiful calm places
☙The weather when Sophie finds the Castle

☙ The witch of the wastes putting a curse on Sophie
☙ The witch of the wastes stubbornly going after Howl's heart.

Best Words

I will be doing a whole blog post about all the best quotes from this movie