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Lady of Nightmare | Wild Fae Book 2 by Kate King | A Review

Banner Cover for Lady of Nightmares with Lonnie Portrait


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Lady of Nightmare is the second book in the series of Wild Fae written by Kate King. Again this book is as amazing as the first one and the story is just keep getting better and better. Also I want to specially appreciate the book cover. I am a sucker for beautiful book covers and this one is just perfection


The dark reveals all secrets.

Lonnie Skyeborne is a liar and proud of it.

From the moment she was born, her mother sensed there was something extraordinary about her daughter, andtaught her to never reveal the truth of who she is.

But now, Lonnie is alone and trapped in her own web of lies.

She is the queen in name only, and afraid to trust anyone, even the princes who claim to be her allies. She still has four deadly hunts to complete before she can escape her bargains with the Everlast family, and meanwhile war is looming in the country of Elsewhere. Trusting someone—anyone—and revealing her secrets may save her life, but it could also spell doom for generations to come.

So, who to trust?

Prince Bael, Lonnie’s beautiful but dangerous part-time ally.

Prince Scion, the wicked and powerful former heir to the throne.

Prince Gwydion, the brilliant and manipulative healer.

Or, perhaps, a new ally could make themselves known under the cover of darkness.

Paranormal Romance, RH, Fantasy Romance


Easy to Read

Multilayered Characters

☙ Enemies to Lovers
☙ Slow burn
☙ Reverse Harem
☙ Forced Proximity
☙ Fated Mates
☙ High Fantasy
☙ Romantasy
☙ Family Secrets
☙ Magic and Curses

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Previous book left me with a lot of questions regarding the world in which this story is set. The characters were all mysterious and there were a lot of secrets. This book has given answers to some of the questions I was thinking about. As you read the second book further it clear up a lot of things.
Now everything is adding up and the story is making sense.

This book is not short of amazing I would say. It was perfect mixture of angst, slow burn, aggression and enemies falling slowly for each other. Real name of Lonnie has come to surface and its very much beautiful. We are taking about a word where real names are kept hidden because they can be used by Fae to make you their slave.

This book also gave more information about the hunt. It take us to amazing, beautiful terrifying places. Lonnie still has to prove her worth while participating in the Hunt and the Hunts are getting more dangerous. A rebellion is brewing and Lonnie, Scion and Bael teamed up to find answers to the brewing questions. They are trying to find one person who has the answers and who is also portrayed as a very intriguing mysterious person. he is the Leader of the Rebellion.

About chemistry.....this book is gave some amazing scenes. Lonnie and Bael have just an amazing chemistry they both are so beautiful together. Scion is one piece of a (how do I say it in a polite manner) stubborn asshole. But there were moment when he was acting all blushing and flustered and cute...considering he is hundreds of years old fae.

This book is much more funnier than the last one. there are scenes that i could not stop laughing. Lonnie is one hell of a funny girl.On the whole the book was epic. Another 5 stars from me. Beautiful story and plot. It is going to be may favorite series of the year.


Overall: ★★★★ | 5 Stars
Plot: ★★★★★ | 5 Stars
Characters: ★★★★★ | 5 Stars
Pacing: ★★★★ | 4 stars
Sense of mystery: ★★★★| 3 stars
Romance: ★★| 4 Stars 
Ending: ★★★| 5 Stars
Fun: ★★| 4 Stars 
Spice Level: 🌶🌶🌶| 3/5
Book Cover:★★| 5 Stars 

☙ Lonnie, Scion and one bed
☙ Scion being stubborn
☙ Bael and Lonnie scenes 👀❤🔥

☙ None that I can think of

Best Words

“He’d been like this all day—sulking, agitated, easily startled—and it was driving me to the point of homicidal ideation.”

Kate King, Lady of the Nightmares

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