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Secrets of The Rose Briar Hall by Kelsey James | A Review

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This is a review of an ARC sample from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. It's heavily raining outside and i am writing this review with the sound of rain......a perfect moment!!!! Secrets of Rose Briar Hall is written by Kelsey James. It's a historical fiction mystery thriller. I requested the audiobook totally by chance on Netgalley and found it really interesting. But as the story progressed it got thrilling. So, let's get into the review without spoilers ofcourse.


In this Gilded Age gothic homage to “Gaslight” starring Ingrid Bergman, a wealthy young newlywed in early 20th century New York is isolated within her opulent, yet ominously empty mansion by the charismatic and controlling new husband plotting to undermine her sanity…

1908, Long Island: For Millie Turner, the young and beautiful wife of a powerful New York stockbroker, Rose Briar Hall—a gleaming edifice of white marble on the North Shore—is more than a home. Every lavish detail speaks of Charles Turner’s status and wealth, and its stylish interior is testament to Millie’s sophistication. All that’s left is to prove her worthiness to be his bride. What better way than to throw a grand party for New York’s social elite?

After painstaking planning, the night of the event arrives and all is perfection—until Millie wakes to a cold, eerily quiet house, and a gray cloud where her memory should be. Can it be true that she has been in and out of consciousness for weeks, ever since the party took a terrifying turn? Millie recalls nothing. But her friends have shunned her, and it soon becomes clear that if she can't find out what really happened that night, much more than her reputation will be at risk . . .

As the house that promised so much happiness begins to feel more like a prison, Millie wonders whether a woman alone, even a wealthy one, can ever be entirely safe. And if she succeeds in finding the truth, will it bring relief, or shake her marriage, and her life, to the core?

Mystery Thriller set in the Gilded Age of New York


Easy to Read

Multilayered Twisty Characters

☙ Historical Fiction
☙ Married to Wrong Person
☙ Murder Mystery
☙ Survival and Escape
☙ Unassuming Suspect
☙ Villainous Victim
☙ Amnesia
☙ Lightbulb Moment


As I am not from USA and not much of a history buff (well I love history but do not consider myself a buff) so I did not know about the Gilded Age. Then I did research and find out that The Gilded Age, spanning from the 1870s to the 1890s, was a period of significant social change in the United States. It was an era of industrialization and urbanization.

The story surrounded a woman from upper-class Millie who married a very charming man from old money considering it will impact positively on their social status as the new money. But things get weird soon as they move to Rose Briar Hall and a murder happens and Millie founds out some secrets and her happily married life become a nightmare for her. It shed light on the struggles of the women in that era and how they were bound by marriage.

On the whole the plot was very gripping. I kept listening the audiobook until the very end. It was a great listening experience. It incited so many emotions in me, terror, curiosity, thrill, excitement, satisfaction. It means the the story is amazing. 5 stars from me.


Overall: ★★★ | 5 Stars

Plot: ★★| 5 Stars

Romance: not a romance
Characters:★★ | 5 Stars

Pacing: ★★★| 5 stars

Mystery: ★★★| 5 stars
Ending: ★★★★★| 5 stars
Spice Level: not a spice book
Book Cover:★★| 3 Stars (although the color scheme is pretty great)

☙ Millie being ahead of the game and trying to save herself

☙ Millie's parents who were not their for her in her time of need

About The Author

Kelsey James has been passionate about storytelling since childhood, often engaging her audience with choices about her characters' fates. Now a historical suspense novelist, her debut book, "The Woman in the Castello," is set to be published in 2023 by John Scognamiglio Books of Kensington Publishing Corp. A Dartmouth College alumna, she majored in Creative Writing and Classical Studies. Beyond writing, Kelsey, who uses a different last name in real life, is an accomplished content marketer currently working at DoorDash. Her career includes launching a content platform at Tinder and producing celebrity videos, as well as reviewing hotels worldwide for TripAdvisor. Her work has been featured in various publications such as Conde Nast Traveler and ABC News. A seasoned media spokesperson, she has appeared on ABC World News Tonight and other outlets. After more than a decade in New York City, she now lives in the suburbs with her husband, two children, and their King Charles Cavalier.
You can connect with the Author through her website.

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☙ Kindle
☙ Paperback Edition
Hardcover Edition (not Available)