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A Gripping Journey of Suspense and Romance: "No Turning Back" by Tiffany Snow | A thrilling October read awaits!

It's almost the end of October and I thought of writing about my favourite book series. I read this series a while ago and I am wondering why this is not viral. This series is amazing. So let's start with the first book. "No Turning Back" is written by Tiffany Snow.  This book was published in 2011 and I found it by pure accident in 2013 or 2014. When I started reading this book I could not stop. It was a wormhole and I fell into it. I did not know that romantic suspense is like a genre and it would be so addicting because I was just started out reading books and trying various genres to see which one I would enjoy. I searched some books and started reading some but this one I got stuck. According to Goodreads, it is in the category of Romantic Suspense, Fiction, Mystery, and Thriller. I decided recently if I am starting my blog why not write a detailed review on my most favourite reads. The story is about a young 24-year-old girl named Kathleen Turner who is named a

Navigating the Absurdity | 'The Never King' by Nikki St. Crowe

"The Never King" by  Nikki St. Crowe   is an incredibly absurd book. I mean, while reading it, I found myself perplexed, cringing, and wondering what on earth I was actually reading. These rollercoaster emotions I experienced throughout the book. The story revolves around Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, with Winnie, a member of the Darling family line, whose mother is clearly mentally unstable. Her mother's bizarre and neglectful behavior towards her is maddening. When Winnie turns 18, her mother's insanity escalates as she believes Peter Pan is coming to kidnap Winnie, and indeed, he does just that. He takes her to Neverland, where he inexplicably chains her to a bed and watches over her while she's unconscious. The frequent mention of Winnie being different from other Darlings without a clear explanation becomes rather tiresome. Meanwhile, Peter's shadow is lost, causing Neverland to wither slowly. So his main goal is to find his shadow and secure his power o

A beautiful tale of Rumpelstiltskin with a Twist | Straw into gold by Carol Beth Anderson | A Review

"Straw into Gold" is a beautiful retelling written by Carol Beth Anderson that weaves a captivating twist on the classic Rumpelstiltskin tale, with a gender swap. Rumpelstiltskin is a girl from a small village. I heard the audiobooks and fell in love with the story. this book is a short story so I heard it in one sitting. The story follows Pel, a young woman deceived into servitude by a cunning Fae who promised her eternal love and happiness. After their escape and a passionate night together, Pel regrets her impulsive decision. She thought of going back to her village and saying goodbye to her family but when she goes back, she's met with a world that has changed beyond recognition. People, places, everything is different. The Fae reveals that two centuries have slipped by in her spending one night in Fae's realm, leaving Pel in tears and seething with anger. She's now bound to him for all eternity. Join me on Goodreads!!! In the present day, she hears of a you

Shantel Tessier's Sabotage: Read, Reflect, and React - Share Your Thoughts

Sabotage is the fourth book in  The L.O.R.D.S  series written by  Shantel Tessier . This book is enemies to lovers' dark romance with many trigger warnings. So you need to proceed with caution. Well, you need to proceed with caution with all books of Shantel Tessier. The book focuses on two people Colton and Raylee. Both are step-siblings with intense relationships between them. Both hate each other to the point that they love each other. I don’t know if it makes sense for you but for me it does . The story starts with Colton leaking a videotape of Raylee he recorded during their opening of the gates of Mordor. Rayle gets so angry that she sets his million-dollar car on fire. Due to the leaked tape and other circumstances of Colton’s making Raylee’s boyfriend Nate breaks up with her and calls her some nasty words. But after some time he tries to get back with her, leading to more Mordor gates opening between Colton and Raylee in front of Nate. Colton and his friends disrespect and

From Booktok to Bookshelf: 'Divine Rivals' Review and Revelation

"A girl who writes letters to her missing brother and the boy who reads them", this was the line that generated this whole book as the acknowledgment chapter of this book says. Also, The author  Rebecca Ross  says something else in that chapter: "The right books find you at just the right moments as a reader as an author". As a reader, I believe it to be true. I started reading this book when I stumbled upon a TikTok video featuring one of my fellow BookTok enthusiasts shedding tears while reading it. Curiosity piqued, and I wondered what could evoke such powerful emotions. I'm not usually one to cry while reading books; only 'Hunting Adeline managed to stir such emotions in me. However, something else caught my eye – the book's cover, which I found utterly divine! Book Description by Goodreads So, I reached out to my friend for a recommendation, and she urged me to delve into it. I promptly ordered it online and, unable to wait for the physical copy to

Forced Bonds (The Bonds that Tie 4) | A glimpse into the pages of this fourth book in the series

I've completed reading "Forced Bonds," which is the fourth book of the "Bonds That Tie" series. The story keeps improving with each book, and the plot is becoming increasingly engaging . In the previous book, a significant plot twist occurred when Sage, Olli's best friend, appeared to betray Olli and their group by killing their protector, leading to an attack on the Sanctuary by the Resistance.  In this latest installment, everyone is on a quest to uncover Sage's true intentions. Is she aligned with the Resistance, or is she under some form of mind control? To find the answers, they go to a vacation town (where mostly resistance sympathizers reside) to rescue Sage's abused bonds, particularly Riley, who was portrayed as an antagonist in the first two books but is now revealed to be manipulated by Giovanna's mind control. This prompts Oli, Nox, and Gryphon to come to Riley's aid, resulting in some surprising revelations. Gryphon, in particula