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Mavka: A forest song is a beautiful Ukrainian Animation | A Review

Today we will talk about Mavka: The Forest Song. I have been watching the trailer and news of this movie for the past 2 years since it's post-production. This is a beautiful animated movie featuring folklore from Ukrainian legends.  So, let's explore this magical storyline. The plot centers around Mavka, the soul of the forest with beautiful green hair, dazzling huge doe eyes, and magical healing abilities.  She helps and tends to all the living creatures residing in the forest. She lives in the forest behind the dark mountains.  People do not venture into the dark mountains and the forest because they are afraid of the wrath of the spirits. The story starts with the wealthy daughter of the Sawmill owner, Kalina who comes to the village and offers jobs to people. She catches their attention by giving them a large sum of gold coins. However, when she explains to them that they have to get beyond the dark mountains, the villagers dismiss her as insane and return to their regular

Why I liked reading Lothaire | Immortals After Dark series | Book 11

Oh, let me tell you about this book I read back some time ago. I found it accidentally in the trope of unwilling heroines and headstrong stupid alpha males. and the book is written by Kresley Cole . You might have known about her Her Immortals After Dark series. it was like a literary addiction for me back when I didn't discover Maas's destruction. So, let's talk about Lothaire. Immortals After Dark series contains characters who are like tightrope walkers on the moral spectrum. The world here is brutal and dangerous where there are too many creatures and too much enmity that goes on for millennia. I haven't read all of the books because there are many books but I have read some. It contains fierce ancient immortal warriors who fight tooth and nail to survive, and frankly, some of them are teetering on the edge of madness. You see, immortality in this world isn't all sunshine and rainbows; it comes with a side of constant paranoia about getting decapitated or br

Blood Bonds (The Bonds that Tie 3) | A glimpse into the pages of your next RH read

Blood Bonds is the third book in the Bonds that Tie series. So, now the story is coming together filling in the gaps and becoming much more understanding. Now I have got some idea what is happening but still, I have lots of questions. So Blood Bonds gives insight into what happened 5 years ago with Oli when she got into an accident in which her parents died. Her life took a sinister turn when she was abducted from the hospital by the notorious Resistance leader, Silas Davies, an embodiment of malevolence who relished tormenting Oli in a bid to control her bond/powers. We learn from the previous book that Oli is a rare and immensely powerful Soul Render, the only one of her kind still alive. Silas's attempts to manipulate her five years ago led to two years of brutal captivity and unrelenting torture, during which he relentlessly sought to uncover her bond's names, a secret Oli steadfastly guarded. Interestingly, much of the agony she endured seemed to bypass her conscious awar

Cozy vibes with "The Deal" by Elle Kennedy

“Sometimes people sneak up on you and suddenly you don’t know how you ever lived without them.” ―  Elle Kennedy,  The Deal "Elle Kennedy's 'The Deal' captures the essence of unexpected connections in a heartwarming college romance. This delightful tale revolves around the unique arrangement struck between two individuals, Hannah and Garrett, each with their own set of challenges and desires. So, you will find this in The Deal; Hannah, an above-average student, secretly has a crush on her classmate but lacks the courage to make her move. On the other hand, Garrett, the cocky captain of the college hockey team, struggles academically (as he is failing his courses). Passing all the courses is essential for him so that he can continue his passion for playing hockey professionally. Also, he is the son of a very famous Hockey player. His father is a total asshole so here comes some daddy issues and some childhood trauma. Garrett finds out that Hannah is at the top of t

Savage Bonds (The Bonds that Tie 2) | A glimpse into the pages of your next RH read

I've completed "Savage Bonds," which is the second book in the "Bonds that Tie" series. This book continues the storyline seamlessly. One of the standout aspects of this book is its remarkable cover. Featuring Gryphon, the cover art is truly impressive, earning the book a solid 4-star rating solely for its visual appeal. In this second book, the intricacies of the bonded world become more transparent. Oli's connection with her bonds is gradually becoming clearer, though she still carries the burden of believing she's leading them towards their demise. At times, she even vocalizes these fears to some of her bonds, with Gryphon showing understanding and a commitment to uncovering her hidden secrets. Throughout the story, the author skillfully hints at Oleander harboring a significant secret, possibly related to the Resistance—a rebellious group opposing the bonded community. Oleander Fallows Gabe and Atlas have evolved into close friends of Oli, and in thi

Tiktok made me read it | My Fault | Culpa Mia (Culpable 1)

This line is fire... How did I fall? Easy. He turned my world upside down My Fault is the book I found out from TikTok. I watched the movie first and then I thought why not give it a read. This review aims to provide insight into the book and the movie adaptation. I will analyze the plot, characters, and writing style, and give an overall rating. It will assist you in deciding whether to indulge in the book the movie or both. "My Fault" written by Mercedes Ron is a captivating book that tells the story of a love-hate relationship between Noah and Nick. This book has been adapted into a movie that has caught the attention of many romance enthusiasts.  I was surprised to find out that the book is very well written as many books that go viral on TikTok are not really well written. there were no plot holes, no dragging, simple and steady storyline.  The story centers around Noah and Nick who are step-siblings and both are grappling with personal demons. Noah is dealing with

Broken Bonds (The Bonds that Tie) | A glimpse into the pages of your next RH read

I've recently started reading "Broken Bonds" after stumbling upon it via TikTok. This particular series is a reverse harem story. I'd like to share my thoughts on the first book, which primarily serves as an introduction to the characters and the overarching plot rather than revealing much about the deep details. Our central character is Oli, short for Oleander Fallows ( that's a pretty name tbh) . The narrative hints at a haunting past: Oli's mother and her 3 bonded companions were on the run, and a tragic accident claimed the lives of all but Oli herself. She carries an overwhelming burden of guilt, believing she may have played a role in their demise. Moreover, Oli possesses a formidable and potentially perilous power (which is unknown exactly what it is in this book) that instills in her a deep fear of harming her bonded companions. Astonishingly, she discovers she is bonded to five individuals while recuperating in the hospital after the accident, prompti