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Court of Claws (Blood of Fae 2) by Briar Boleyn | A Review

The previous book ended on a massive cliffhanger. This book continued from there so let's start with the brief introduction to the plot. (Spoiler Alert!!!!) Morgan had a near-death experience in the last book and was saved by a certain obnoxious captain of guard turned assassin turned fae prince. She wakes up in a castle under the earth with Volcanoes erupting all around the castle giving a major Underworld kind of vibes. She throws a fit when she finds out the prince has taken her to his palace and they are sharing a room and the prince has introduced her as his paramour in the court and to his mother. But her fit doesn't have any effect on Draven. Like before he stays calm and cool and just pays no heed to Morgan's fits. Also, there is one other fact from the last book it is now confirmed that Lancelot is dead because Draven with his team went back to look for her but came empty-handed. There was no trace of her body or anything in the caves. Now Morgan is living in the

The Most Disappointed Read of the Year 2023 | Until I Get You by Claire Contreras

I picked this book only for one reason. The author claimed to write this book because she wanted to read something like this so she wrote it. I thought it could be fun.....Let's read it. Bro I was so wrong!!!! Let's discuss it in the book has two parts. One part is in past and the other is "present part".  It revolves around a famous hockey player of a college (I don't remember the college name) who is stuck at  party and waiting for his friends and then sees a girl who is wearing very baggy clothes to hide her shape. He is instantly attracted towards her. They talked a little and he decided to just get close to her. The girl is very mysterious doesn't have many friends, very private, doesn't go to parties and doesn't have fun etc, etc. Meaning she is totally opposite to the Hero.  First Part: This part revolves around these two people who are nothing like each other and they become friends and then start dating and then the girl leaves t

Breaking the Spell: My 10 Proven Ways to Escape the Reading Slump

I'm an avid reader, and my love for books knows no bounds—I read extensively, perhaps even to the point of it being unhealthy. However, there are occasions when I find myself caught in a reading rut, and as a fellow reader, I recognize that being in a reading slump is quite disheartening. There will be a time that you will be yearning for a series to captivate you like the last one did, feeling the weight of global events, or simply unable to pinpoint the cause, the fact remains that you're not reading as much as you'd like, despite the desire to do so. Fear not, fellow Book Nerds. We've all faced this dilemma, gazing at our bookshelves loaded with an ever-growing To-Be-Read pile, yet needing more motivation, enthusiasm, and energy to dive into any of them. That's why after rigorous research and experimenting on myself I have compiled these 10 solutions to help you break free from your reading slump. 1. Read Something Unexpected Embrace the freedom of reading

Sip or Skip? Twisted Love by Ana Huang | A Review

After watching insane amounts of videos on TikTok, I purchased Twisted Love written by Ana Huang , and dived into it. The plot revolves around Ava, a Chinese-American college student, and Alex Volkov, a businessman. The tale kicks off when Ava's brother embarks on an internship and entrusts Alex with the responsibility of looking after his sister. In pursuit of this duty, Alex relocates to the brother's apartment, initiating a friendship with Ava. As he provides support and aids her in overcoming her water-related trauma, a deeper connection forms between them. Both characters harbor traumatic pasts – Ava, scarred by her mother's attempt to drown her, and Alex, haunted by witnessing his parents' cold-blooded murder at the hands of business rivals. Alex spends his life preparing for revenge against the family responsible for his parents' death. My Review  My Rating:  ★★★ ️ ️ 4 stars. Spice Level:  🌶 1/5,  To begin with, blame must be placed on BookTok for luring me

Queen of Roses (Blood of Fae Trilogy) by Briar Boleyn | A Review into this Beautiful Fairytale Retelling

I just finished reading Queen of Roses. I found this book on Netgalley and requested to read and the author granted permission.  The book is written by Briar Boleyn . This is her TikTok . So it took some time for me to start reading the book series. The series consists of three books. I finished the first book so I thought let's write the review when it is fresh.  Let's dive into the synopsis. I will make sure to not spoil anything for you. The series is a retelling of the Legend of Arthur and Excalibur. the series focused on one character which is Morgan Pendrath; half sister of King Arthur; and also shown as half-Fae in the first book. King Arthur is the cruel king in this story, he also has a younger brother named Kaye is just a child who doesn't have a significant role in the first book but I am guessing in the coming books he is going to play some important part.  So, back to the story; Morgan is half Fey because her mother was full-blooded Fey and to hide her heritag

A Critical Lens on 'Hunting Adeline' by H.D. Carlton: Exploring the Disturbing Themes | A Review

I kept delaying writing the review because I had to remember it and didn't want to do that. This 2nd book of Cat and Mouse duet is the story of a human trafficking survivor. This book is a huge  TRIGGER WARNING . Kindly proceed with caution. I even got traumatized after reading it. So to explain the synopsis; Adeline (the main character) got kidnapped at the end of the first book and sold to some people who groomed her for some very rich and powerful clients.  Almost half of the book is based on Adeline surviving the worst situations possible for a woman. Adeline had one advantage someone was fervently searching for her, and eventually, Zade managed to rescue her after four agonizing months. The scene when Zade finds her and she just could not believe it. She crumbled to her knees thinking she was hallucinating. After Zade brings her home she struggles so hard to process her trauma. She learns to fight to take control of her life. She gets close to her mother. She hates her bo

Carnage by Shantel Tessier | A Review of the Dark Revenge Romance

Oh my God. this book 😅😅😅😅😅.   I have been waiting forever to read this particular book because of the infamous Spade Brothers. S o, let's explore  ( Spoilers Ahead) . There are four Spade brothers and they run a facility named Carnage which is like a prison for the  LORDS.  If you have read previous books in this series you might have heard a lot about this place and not in a good way. It is referred to as the nightmare. Any lord who deviates from his path is captured and put into carnage where he is branded and kept for life. People slowly go insane in that place.  So this particular book is about Ashtyn and Saint.  Saint chooses Ashtyn on his initiation day which was 6 years ago. At that time Fathers of the Spade brothers ran Carnage and things were pretty dark back then. Some kind of politics happens and family of one of the Spade brothers who was Ashtyn's father murdered along with her mother. Ashtyn's brother escaped but Ashtyn got captured by the Spade brothers.

Are You Brave Enough to Read this Series? | The Mindf*ck Series by S.T. Abby

This book series takes darkness to a whole new level—calling it Dark Romance doesn't quite capture it, it's just dark, like, really dark. I devoured these 5 books in a mere two days. So, let's discuss the plotline.  Warning: spoilers ahead, proceed with caution. We have Lana Myers, an online entrepreneur who catches the eye of an FBI agent named Logan in a coffee shop. Lana is a serious mature girl who works a lot and doesn't go out much or do any kind of stuff that normal people do; kind of a mysterious person. Logan and Lana start dating each other and things become serious between them. Lana has a past that she doesn't talk about. Logan is oblivious to the fact that Lana is on a chilling revenge spree, systematically targeting individuals connected to her traumatic past. Simultaneously, Logan is engrossed in investigating a series of serial murders plaguing a seemingly peaceful town with a dark history. Lana Myers The plot thickens as Lana and Logan fall in love,

Savor the Sweetness and Spice: A Court of Sugar and Spice Review

I've just finished listening to " A Court of Sugar and Spice " by  Rebecca F. Kenney , narrated by Jessica Jeffries. This is the first book in the Wicked Darling Series . Let's delve into the story a bit. It's a captivating retelling of the Nutcracker Fairytale, featuring two sisters on a journey to their godfather's home. In his will, their father stipulated that they would inherit their share of the estate once they married suitable partners, so they were entrusted to their godfather, who oversees this condition. One of the sisters is Clara, an artistic soul who loves to paint, a passion her father did not approve of. The other one is Louisa, the daring and adventurous one who always seeks excitement wherever she goes. Upon their arrival at Drosselmeyer's mansion (their godfather), they discover that he is a brilliant scientist or inventor of some sort, with robot-like servants and a room filled with extraordinary and strange inventions. Drosselmeyer ste